How to make an ultraviolet black light lamp with your mobile

Black light, also known as UV-A light, or ultraviolet light, it serves to detect counterfeit bills, identify organic remains -such as urine-, fluorescent minerals and of course to awaken our more artistic side if we are fond of crafts and we like to experiment a little.

Most black light lamps are made using a filter or cover that is applied over a normal light bulb. In this way, it is possible to filter most of the visible light producing long-wave ultraviolet light. A light that allows us to see the fluorescent glow that some substances radiate when exposed to this type of light.

How to make a homemade UV lamp using a mobile or tablet

Although there is currently no mobile phone capable of emitting ultraviolet light, the truth is that we can achieve the same effect by doing a small craft. For this we only need the camera's LED flash –which we will use as a flashlight-, a couple of markers and a little adhesive tape.

Necessary materials

  • A mobile phone with an LED flash.
  • Transparent tape.
  • A blue marker and a purple marker.
  • A sheet of paper.
  • A highlighter or highlighter.

Step by step process

The good thing about this experiment is that once we have all the materials at hand we can carry it out in a matter of a couple of minutes. The only thing we have to be careful of is not to deface the mobile, but otherwise, it is very simple and the results are simply spectacular.

  • Take some clear tape and place it over the LED flash that is usually right next to the phone's rear camera.
  • Use the blue marker to paint on the masking tape so that the surface covered by the flash is well covered with blue.

  • Cut another piece of duct tape and place it on top of the tape that we just painted blue.
  • Equally, repaint blue this new piece of tape.
  • Finally, cut a third piece of masking tape and paint it this time with the purple marker.

Ready! Why was it not so complicated? From here on, we only have to take a piece of paper and write something or make a drawing with the highlighter pen. Turn off the light, activate the flashlight function of the mobile and you will see how the flash now emits a blue light with some touches of purple. Point the flash at the sheet of paper and you will see how it glows in the dark.

Depending on the fluorescent marker used, the brightness may have one hue or another, although the effect achieved is more or less always the same. A very entertaining pastime that can be a lot of play if we have children at home or we want to have a small party indoors with crazy lights.

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