The 7 best affiliate programs to make money on Instagram

With more than 1 billion users since the beginning of 2019, Instagram and affiliate marketing They are 2 pieces that fit like a glove. And best of all, we don't need to have hundreds of thousands of followers to start making some money.

In fact, there are a ton of brands looking for users who have between 2,000 and 15,000 followers to work with. It is not necessary that we have a profile like that of Pablo Motos, Blanca Suarez or Kim Kardashian. Many firms are looking for "real" people with loyal and committed followers. Something that, luckily, we can achieve without becoming a celebrity.

The best affiliate programs to make money on Instagram

If we have a small but solid base of followers on Instagram and we want to start earning some moneyThese are the some of the best affiliate programs that we can find in this 2019.

Amazon Affiliates

The Amazon affiliate program is a popular source of income for bloggers, portals, and websites. What many do not know is that it is also compatible with Instagram, since Amazon does not require a blog to be able to register.

In this sense, the only thing Amazon asks us is that we have at least 500 organic followers and a public account. Therefore, we can use Amazon Affiliates with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube without any problem. Once we have registered, all we have to do to maintain the account is make a sale in the first 180 days.

Regarding commissions, these vary depending on our country of origin and the category of the product that we promote. For example, in Spain, fashion and beauty items offer commissions of around 10%, while other categories such as video games and electronic devices remain at a meager 3.5%.

ShopStyle Collective

ShopStyle Collective is a platform oriented tomonetization of social profiles, especially Instagram. It has some interesting details, such as the "Looks", a tool with which we can create "affordable" images for Instagram.

To register we must fill in some forms and wait a couple of weeks for our application to be reviewed. Unlike Amazon, they seem to have a more demanding selection process here, and they make sure we are true influencers before giving us the go-ahead.

Commissions vary by advertiser, and payments are made in relation to the customer's CPA (cost per acquisition) campaign. In general, an interesting platform, but one that is difficult to enter.


Rakuten is the largest online store in Japan, with more than 50 million registered users. With its affiliate program we can promote articles from more than 1,000 different brands. As in ShopStyle Collective, your affiliate program does not accept just anyone. In the beginning, it is necessary that our conversion rate is higher than the average to be able to maintain the account.

The affiliate program has a very cool interface, with a product search engine and the usual analytical tools to be able to follow up and see what works and what does not.

Regarding commissions, Rakuten does not offer fixed percentages depending on the product category. The earnings in this case will depend more on the brand of the article and the amount of traffic that we manage to attract.


ClickBank is an affiliate platform without many access requirements, which allows anyone to register as a publisher. Unlike other websites we've seen on this list, ClickBank only promotes digital products. Things like e-books, courses, training ebooks, and software of all kinds. Do you think these types of articles have a place in your Instagram feed?

If so, you're in luck, since the good thing about ClickBank is that offers really high commissions, with percentages that in some cases are between 50% -75% of the price of the final product.

CJ Affiliate

Formerly known as Commission Junction, CJ Affiliate is a link between the instagrammer and the thousands of brands the company works with. At first it seems to be more oriented to bloggers, but they also work with social profiles on Instagram, YouTube or Twitter.

The platform has more than 3,000 advertisers among which we find Apple, GoPro, Barnes & Noble, Office Depot and other major brands Worldwide. Of course, in order to register and promote your products we must pass a double filter:

  • First, CJ has to approve our website or social profile. To do this, it analyzes the content, traffic and optimization of the page.
  • Once registered, we must independently request each brand to work with them. Brands will also check our website or profile.

We are facing a platform with quite exclusive advertisers in which it is not so easy to enter, but which undoubtedly has quality articles.

On the negative side, according to CJ users, the commissions are lower than in other affiliate networks. Another point to keep in mind is that in order to withdraw our money every month we must accumulate at least $ 50 in earnings.


Skimlinks has more than 48,000 advertisers, including Microsoft, Sephora, H&M, Bloomingdale’s, Wal-Mart and New Balance among others. The truth is that it is not bad at all if we have a fashion and beauty profile on Instagram and we want to earn some money.

Once we are registered, we can include a piece of JavaScript code on our website, and all existing links will become affiliate links. Something that can come in handy, especially if we have a blog with a lot of content and outgoing links.

If we talk about commissions, we must know that Skimlinks keeps 25% of our profits. Another negative point is that advertisers have to approve the commissions, which means that they usually take a little longer to pay.


Although at first glance it may seem like an outdated website, ShareASale is a large affiliate network that has more than 3,900 advertisers. Among the best known are Reebok, ModCloth, Wayfair, Warby Parker or Sears, although there is a variety of all kinds.

To be accepted we must have a web page and share our promotion methods in the registration application. The platform is not very selective, but it does ensure that our content is focused on a single specific topic.

Publishers must enter payment details and maintain a minimum balance of $ 50 in their account at all times. If we do not reach that minimum ShareASale will charge us $ 25 to maintain the account. It is not a very large sum, but it forces us to attract traffic as soon as we sign up.


Although these types of activities are considered "passive income", the truth is that they have nothing of liabilities. It requires us to move and create relevant content for our Instagram profile. Something that can be complicated if we do not know how to correctly combine “sponsored” and genuine content.

Another key factor is knowing how to choose the articles that we are going to recommend in our feed. They always have to be products that we ourselves would like to purchase, otherwise, no matter how much commission they carry, we will hardly be able to convince another person to buy it.

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