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The wallpaper of any terminal is the mirror of the soul of its user. A wallpaper says it all, and just looking at one homescreen we can get to intuit many times what type of person is the owner of that terminal. The photo of your partner, a picture of Batman, an innocent kitten or an abstract wallpaper. A wallpaper for each person.

#myAndroid Taste Test

Google has made available to all its users a curious test that we can perform through the official Android page in just over a minute. This little questionnaire has become known as#myAndroid Taste Test (#myAndroid taste test), which will help us find our ideal wallpaper, plus a matching icon pack and launcher.

How does Google know what my ideal wallpaper and aesthetic is?

Although at first it may seem like one of many tests, of those that populate the network and that serve little more than to pass the time, this short quiz has its crumb. Each question is closely linked to an aesthetic taste, and will serve to outline the type of image and icons that best suit our most primary tastes.

It is important that we answer quickly, without stopping to think too much about our answer. In this type of questionnaires the first impulse is the one that counts. Multicolor or monochrome? Live or off? Maximalist or minimalist? Let yourself go and answer the first thing that comes to mind!

Download and install the launcher, wallpaper and custom icons

After completing all 20 questions #myAndroid Taste Test will show us 3 wallpapers appropriate to the data collected during this fun questionnaire, along with their corresponding icon packs and launcher, which we can download and install on our Android terminal through their corresponding download links.

An interesting tool that will help us to test and experiment with various wallpapers and various customizations to find the "flavor" of our own Android.

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