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One of the most popular social media platforms today is hands down Instagram. Fascinating the number of photos that are available for the visual enjoyment of its users. Not to mention the quality of the image with which they mostly dazzle. But for many, this platform presents a great limitation: the photos are not available for download.

This is the disappointment of many who have tried more than once without much success save any of these images on your computer or Android device. Well, today we come to tell you about some methods that you can use to download Instagram photos on PC and Android. Keep reading and find out.

Bypassing restrictions with Instagram from the PC

Let's start by talking about the PC. If you access an Instagram profile from your computer, you can download the images you need directly to your computer in a very simple way. Here are the steps you must follow to download full resolution photos.

  1. No need to resort to any intermediary application. Open an Instagram profile directly from your trusted search engine as usual.
  2. Once you have chosen the photo you want to download, position the cursor over the image and click on it to open it.
  3. When uploading, you must add the following to the end of the URL that appears: “mean /? size = l»Then press Enter.

  1. This will display the full size image in the window. Here, place the cursor on the image again and display the menu with the right mouse button. Choose the Save Image option in order to download the photo in the folder you have chosen on your computer.

And ready! In this easy and simple way, you can now save as many Instagram photos as you want and need on your computer. After a couple of photos downloaded, the procedure will not take more than a couple of seconds.

Download photos from your Android

It has already been demonstrated how simple the method is from your PC. Nowadays, a large number of users access Instagram accounts more often from an Android smartphone or tablet.

Did you like the previous proposal for PC? Rejoice for there is good news! You can apply the same method on your Android. Following the same steps you can download your photos directly to your mobile device. With the only difference that in this case you will do without your mouse, and you will only need to tap with your finger to activate each function.

If this alternative does not tell you much and you want to explore other options, you can use an application to download your photos. We suggest you make use of + Download Twitter & Instagram for this purpose. This time you will need to install the application on your computer.

With this simple application you can download images from the social network to your Android device effectively. You can find it available in the Google Play Store. Follow the steps that we will give you so that you can freely download all the photos you want.

Download QR-Code + Download twitter & instagram Developer: RosTeam Price: Free
  1. Download and install the app recommended on your Android mobile device or tablet.
  2. Besides, access your Instagram account from the official application, as you usually do.
  3. Choose the image to download.
  4. Click on the three points located in the upper right part of said image to display the hidden menu.
  5. Give the option Share in.

  1. Select the app + Download Twitter & Instagram and wait for it to load.
  2. Finally hit Download, and immediately you will have the Instagram image you wanted stored on your Android mobile or tablet.

You no longer have to suffer or regret because Instagram does not offer an option to fromsupload for images available on social network. Use the alternative that suits you best and treat yourself by downloading all the images you need, either from your PC or your Android device whenever you want.

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