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Sharing accounts on streaming platforms has become quite a common practice among friends and family. Services such as Netflix or HBO allow content to be played simultaneously on more than one device, as well as Prime Video. But in the case of the latter there are certain peculiarities, depending on our country of origin. Can we then share our Amazon Prime Video account with other people and thus save a few euros on the subscription?

Can Prime Video accounts be shared?

Some companies like Netflix are quite open in this regard, and even offer the possibility of creating different profiles within the application. Regarding Prime Video, the system allows the simultaneous playback on up to 3 devices (As we mentioned in this other post about the best alternatives to Netflix).

Of course, the conditions of use change depending on where we reside. If we are Amazon Prime users in the US, we can use Amazon Household, a feature that allows you to create a family account with several users to share all the benefits of Prime: free shipping, Prime Video and other extras among several people.

In other countries like Spain, things change. Household is not available here, which means that if we want to share our Prime subscription, we will have no choice but to “discreetly pass” the Amazon username and password to our friend or relative in question.

How to Share a Prime Video Account with Amazon Household

With Amazon Household we can add up to 4 child profiles, 4 teen profiles and an additional adult profile.

  • To send an invitation to another person, the first thing we have to do is access Amazon Household in our Amazon account.
  • We select the type of invitation (Adult, child or adolescent) by clicking on the corresponding button as we see in the image below.

  • We indicate the name and email address of the person we want to invite, and select "Continue”.

  • Next, Amazon will ask us to share our wallet to confirm that it is a trusted or family account.

Once the invitation is sent, the recipient you will have 14 days to accept it. In this way, your Amazon account will enjoy the benefits of a Prime account, such as access to Prime Video series and movies (and other associated services such as Prime delivery, Twitch Prime, Amazon Photos, etc.) .

Note: Only “Adult” and “Teen” profiles can access Prime Video services. In the case of teenagers, they can also make supervised purchases (requires parental authorization to confirm the transaction).

How to share a Prime Video account in Spain (and other countries)

As we mentioned at the beginning, Amazon Household is not available in Spain. However, Prime Video allows simultaneous playback on a maximum of 3 devices, which means that in theory we could share expenses with up to 3 people. All this with no limit to the number of devices that we can register, which is not bad either.

Unfortunately, you always have to log in with the same account, which would mean sharing your own Prime Video login details. Considering that it is the same username and password of our Amazon account, We would also be giving free access to those people, at any given time, to make purchases on our behalf, change the shipping address and other niceties like that. A whole leap into the void!

Obviously, if we are thinking of saving expenses in this way, it is essential that we deal only with family members or people of the highest confidence. In addition, since it is a practice, in principle not authorized by Amazon Spain, we would also run the risk of receiving some type of sanction from the company in case of being detected. Therefore, an activity that may carry some risk.

I have tried to contact Amazon through Twitter and this is their response on whether they have thought implement Amazon Household also in Spain.

Hello. In this moment we don't have information about it. We recommend you to be aware for the news! ^ DB

- Amazon Help (@AmazonHelp) August 5, 2019

It seems that for now there is not much to scratch, although they also recommend us "to be attentive to future news." An answer, therefore, that does not close the doors to a possible arrival of this functionality in the future.

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