DTT Spain: new app to watch TV for free and online from your mobile

At the beginning of the year we published a tutorial on how to watch TV for free and live from Android using KODI. A method that works really well, but it also has its drawbacks. As it works through IPTV lists, when the public IP address of the broadcast is modified (something that usually happens from time to time) we lose the signal and we must update it.

For this reason, if all we want is to watch live television, we may be more interested in installing a dedicated app on our mobile or TV Box. Recently, a new app called DTT Spain, which perfectly fulfills this task.

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DTT Spain: the perfect application to watch national and regional TV channels without complications

With the DTT Spain app we can see all the general national channels that broadcast free in our country. Of course, we are talking about a free tool, since it does not include pay TV or any other type of premium content.

If the television that we have at home does not correctly capture the broadcast of a TV channel, this may be a more than feasible alternative. It is also very useful if we want to view a regional channel such as ETB, Telemadrid or TV3 from another community where the signal does not reach. In that sense, we cannot fault the application too much.

In terms of performance, the channels load at an excellent speed and the ads contained in the app are few and not intrusive. In general, a TV player for mobile more than decent.

Simple interface without any add-ons.

What television channels can we watch with this app?

The television channels that we can currently see through DTT Spain are the following:

  • Nationals: TVE1, La2, Antena 3, Cuatro, Telecinco, La Sexta, Neox, Nova, Mega, Atreseries HD, FDF, Energy, Divinity, BeMad, Paramount Network, Trece, DKISS, mtmad and El Toro TV.
  • Informative: Canal 24 Horas, Intereconomía, Congress of Deputies.
  • Sports: Teledeporte, Real Madrid TV, Betis TV, Sevilla FC TV, UD Las Palmas and Redbull TV.
  • Children: Disney Channel and Boing.
  • Musicals: Hit TV.
  • Autonomous: Telemadrid, TV3 Catalonia, Channel 33 Catalonia, TV3 CAT, 3/24 Catalonia, Esport 3 Catalonia, TV Galicia Europe, TV Galicia America, Extremadura Channel, Canary TV, CyL7 - Castilla y León TV, Channel 4 Tenerife, ETB Sat, ETB 1 HD, ETB 2 HD, ETB 3 HD, Mediterraneo TV, La 7 TV Murcia, TeleSafor, TeleValencia, Levante TV, Empordá TV, IB3, Information TV, Lancelot TV and Lebrija TV.


If we had to find something wrong with this application to watch DTT, it would be the same one that we find in KODI: public IP channels change. This means that if a channel modifies its broadcast IP, we will not be able to see it again until the developers update the app.

We also found a smaller channel catalog than the one available for KODI (there we will have around 300), although we are facing a young application and the developers have promised to incorporate new broadcasts over time.

Download QR-Code TDT Spain (TV online) Developer: Linhpyzare Price: Free

For the rest, a highly recommended platform for those who want to watch Spanish DTT for free and live from an Android mobile or tablet without complications or additional configurations.

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