App “RAM Jet” for Android (Xiaomi): What it is and how it works

It seems that in recent days there has been a small outbreak of incidents related to an app called "RAM Jet”. It is a rather suspicious application, since it makes an appearance without the user voluntarily installing it on their Android phone. Is it a virus or malware? What is its usefulness? Let's see!

This is how the RAM Jet app behaves

Normally the user identifies the RAM Jet app because its icon appears on desktop automatically without having done anything to make that happen. Suddenly, we see the application icon (a blue rocket), and if we go to the list of installed applications, RAM Jet is not even present. If we look for it in the Google Play Store, we will see that it does not exist either. How weird, huh?

This is a problem that is being seen on Xiaomi mobiles (Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, Redmi 6, Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 5) and also in terminals of the Pocophone brand. If we use the POCO Launcher, we can also find a multitude of shortcuts to RAM Jet on the desktop, instead of a single icon.

RAM Jet is a cleaning app from Xiaomi itself

The first thing to make clear is that it is not a virus. RAM Jet is a RAM memory cleaning application developed by Xiaomi itself, and it is normally pre-installed on all mobiles that use the MIUI customization layer for Android, within the “Cleaner” tool.

The fact that it appears suddenly and without warning is usually consequence of a system update. It is still an error, since the icon should not appear on the desktop, but we can remove this shortcut without further ado. Let us bear in mind that the MIUI customization layer does not have an application drawer, which can explain in a certain way that this type of "failure" is committed (showing the icon of an app on the desktop so that the user knows that it has been updated is not very practical to say).

Have multiple RAM Jet icons on your desktop?

When Xiaomi began to develop its new independent brand, known as Pocophone, it decided to take advantage of its MIUI customization layer to “evolve” as well. This new interface does include an application drawer, and it can also be installed independently, as a launcher on Android mobiles from other brands, under the name “POCO Launcher”.

The truth is that this launcher has many positive aspects, although it also has its own lights and shadows. One of them is the latest bug reported: due to a failure in one of the most recent updates, the desktop fills with a multitude of repeated RAM Jet icons.

As a solution to the problem, we can try to remove the shortcuts by hand, or install a stable version of POCO Launcher, such as version On the other hand, we can also wait for a new update to solve this glitch or install an alternative launcher for Android.

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