HONOR MagicWatch 2 review: in-depth analysis

The world of smart watches is not what it used to be. We have gone from the presumptuous smartwatches with a lot of body and little software, heavy gadgets with more will and good intentions than results, to devices like this HONOR MagicWatch 2 in which both the design and the functionalities reach levels of satisfaction never seen before in price ranges that are finally beginning to be affordable for the general public.

Forget about brick clocks in which you have to insert a SIM to make and receive calls, forget about activity bracelets with few functionalities and forget about the clocks that you have to be charging every two by three. The MagicWatch 2 developed by Huawei has achieved the perfect balance point with an astonishing value for money, and although it still has some points to polish, the truth is that the play has been round.

HONOR MagicWatch 2 in review: an affordable smartwatch with great design, packed with features and autonomy for two weeks

In today's review we talk about the HONOR MagicWatch 2, a smartwatch that stands out for its modern finish, an attractive AMOLED screen, software that hits all the sticks and a battery that takes advantage of every milliamp as if it were the last.

Design and display

In the aesthetic section, the MagicWatch 2 is a review of the Huawei Watch GT 2, adding a touch of red on the upper button panel that looks really good and helps to get out of the monotony of the typical business watch. For this review we have tested the model with a 46mm sphere although there is also a smaller version of 42mm for those looking for something a little more discreet (although I am already telling you that the 46mm version is not exactly "bulky" either. and as you can see in the photos that accompany the review).

One of the most attractive points of the watch is your AMOLED screen, which has a self-regulating brightness, which can also be adjusted by hand, and allows a clear visualization in unfavorable situations such as when we are on the street and the sun is facing us. A screen with vibrant colors and very good definition.

Nor can we forget the strap, a key point considering that we are facing an accessory that we will wear most of the day. In this case the MagicWatch 2 has opted for a fluoroeslastomer strap, the same material used in Apple Watch capable of withstanding sweat and high temperatures without altering its texture as well as being hypoallergenic. An essential detail if we are one of those whose skin is easily irritated. The truth is that in that sense the smartwatch fits comfortably on the wrist, being pleasant to the touch.

It also offers a water resistance of 5 atmospheres, which means that we can use it on a daily basis in the shower, in the bathroom or for swimming.


By having a digital display the spheres are fully customizable How could it be otherwise. By default the smartwatch includes half a dozen pre-installed spheres, although with the Huawei Health application - the app from which all the watch settings are controlled - we can add and install many more. Here we will find classic-cut dials with hands and minute hands, displays with the time in digital format and more alternative motifs, neon colors, small illustrations and themes for all tastes.

One of the features that we liked the most was the possibility of creating personalized spheres with images that we can upload from the mobile to add them as wallpaper. The system allows you to have a maximum of about 20-30 spheres at the same time, although once installed they can be changed and managed directly from the smartwatch by long pressing on the center of the screen.

The software

The operating center of the MagicWatch 2 is its management app called Huawei Health. Although its name can be misleading, it is not only a tool to measure the user's physical activity. From here we can install new areas for the screen, add contacts to make calls directly from the clock, upload music to the internal memory of the device as well as review all kinds of graphs and statistics.

The possibilities offered by the app are quite complete and its interface is very intuitive, although at times it slows down or it can get a bit hung up. It does not hinder the general experience but it is certainly a point that can still be polished a little more to avoid this type of fortuitous situation. That said, let's see what we find in the "guts" of the application that manages the Lite OS operating system that this MW2 mounts.

Sport and health

One of the most complete sections of the software is related to activity metrics, with many more functions than we can find in a mid-range activity bracelet. The MagicWatch 2 has specific programs for walking outdoors, walking or running indoors, cycling, triathlon, rowing or elliptical, among others. We can also keep track of our weight, perform stress tests, breathing exercises and includes exercise tables and training plans. It measures our pulsations, the level of oxygen in the blood thanks to its Sp02 sensor, and it also performs a sleep control recording the heart rate, how many times we wake up during the night and other measurable factors.

The smartwatch incorporates some quite interesting “smart” or intelligent functions. Thus, for example, if we go for a walk or start running, the watch's sensors detect this change and encourage us to start an activity record. It is still a detail, but this type of considerations that invite mobility and help us not forget to activate the records when we go out to play sports are appreciated.

Music, calls and more

In addition to all these health and sports-oriented aspects, the HONOR MagicWatch 2 also includes these functionalities:

  • Making and receiving calls (must be connected by Bluetooth to the phone).
  • Call History.
  • Music: The device has a 4GB internal memory to store music locally. It also allows remote control of mobile audio playback in applications such as Spotify, iVoox, etc.
  • Barometer.
  • Compass.
  • Notifications: Displays the notifications of new messages, emails, WhatsApp, missed calls and other phone notifications on the screen. From the Huawei management app we can adjust which notifications are shown on the smartphone and which are not.
  • Climate
  • Chronometer.
  • Timer
  • Alarm

Two of the functions that I have liked the most on a personal level have been Flashlight, which works great for those late night walks to the bathroom or kitchen. The function of Find Phone, which helps us to find the mobile by making it ring and releasing the phrase in a funny tone "I'm hereiiiii ...".


We finish with one of the aspects in which Huawei has worked the most when developing this smartwatch: its autonomy. The MagicWatch 2 incorporates a Kirin A1 chip, the same processor used in the Huawei Watch GT 2 and which is oriented to low consumption. This allows us to have a brutal autonomy with a battery that barely reaches 455mAh.

To give us an idea, when I received the watch it came with a 70% charged battery, and today 9 days later it still has 22% battery remaining. According to the manufacturer, the device offers an autonomy of 14 days, a fairly accurate figure, although it can be stretched a few days more or less depending on how we use the watch. In my case I have put a good whip these days to test all its functionalities and the truth is that I have not even managed to make the battery drop more than 10%.


In general, the sensations left by this HONOR MagicWatch 2 are largely positive. It has an attractive design with a vibrant color AMOLED screen, a nice strap, and a variety of dials with plenty of room for customization. The software section is loaded with features, the great strength of this smartwatch along with its great autonomy. If we had to put a "but" it would be the lack of fluidity in some moments when using the app, but globally the truth is that we have not had any problem with its configuration and the synchronization between the smartwatch and the mobile phone goes like silk (key point where they exist).

The official price for this HONOR MagicWatch 2 46mm is 179.90 euros, although it is currently available in the official HONOR store for a price of 129.90 €. If you have already tried the activity wristbands and want to take the leap with a smartwatch in good condition, this can undoubtedly be an alternative to take into account, especially considering its premium finish and its powerful value for money.

HONOR Official Store | Buy HONOR MagicWatch 2

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