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In recent weeks we have seen how a large number of web pages have rumored with Kuriza's appearance in an upcoming Dragon Ball Super saga. What is true in all this?

The truth is that they cannot be taken as reliable in any way, since there is currently no argument or leak that supports such an idea. Some echo without providing sources, and the rest only repeat the message creating more disinformation. What's more, considering who is this Kreezer or Kuriza –As it is known in Japan-, it is highly unlikely that we will see it in a canonical Dragon Ball story.

Who is Kreezer (Kuriza) exactly? Is it a canonical character?

Kreezer is a character that has never appeared in any Dragon Ball manga. However, it is about a 100% original creation by Akira Toriyama himself. His first appearance was in the Nekomajin manga, more specifically in Nekomajin Z2 -the last being in Nekomajin Z3-, a self-parodic comic written and drawn by Toriyama in 2003. Kuriza's name is born from the union of the termsKuri (chestnut in Japanese) and Freeza (his father).

The story is about a very powerful magical cat, who "curiously" wears the same suit as Goku. The comic is written in a humorous tone and set in an alternate universe, similar to Dragon Ball but with some variants. Among the many gags that make up the manga, Nekomajin comes across a chubby Saiyan named Onion who gets beaten up.

As you can see, here the Saiyans seem more like inhabitants of Villa Pinguino, than authentic space warriors.

Later, this one returns with his Kreezer boss, the son of Freeza. They have a feint of a fight, and already in the later manga, Vegeta also appears, who works under Freeza's orders and comes to Earth to help his son. In the end it all works out to a comic denouement, while Kreezer stays on Earth playing soccer with Nekomajin.

And that's it. Can we say then that Kreezer is canon in the Dragon Ball universe? No, since her performance is limited to a short story within a parodic manga outside the franchise.

Although in the same way, it is still a creation of the same man who has devised the series, so we could not rule out that the character can be recycled in the same way that has happened with Broly recently. From here on, the rest is pure guesswork.

In the end they don't fight because the manga runs out of pages.

Other appearances of Kuriza in the Dragon Ball universe

Anyway, this has not been the only appearance of King Cold's grandson, since we have also seen him in a couple of video games.

  • Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2: Kuriza was first shown in the Japanese version of Budokai 2 on PS2 as an alternate costume for Freeza, including some techniques of his own.
  • Dragon Ball Heroes: In the famous arcade card game DB Heroes, Kuriza is a playable character. We can use it in the second mission of the Jaaku Mission series.
Letters with a lot of briyi-briyi | Source: Dragon Ball Wiki

In short, a character with a very powerful humorous base, mainly due to the "brownish" shape of his head and his childish attitude. It would be a bit weird to see it in Dragon Ball Super, but who knows, if they gave it the right approach it might even work and everything. Can you imagine Freeza scolding his son because his room is made up of foxes? Stranger things have happened!

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