Teclast F7 Plus, an ultra-slim 14 ”laptop with 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD

The truth is that Teclast is releasing very interesting notebooks in its line Teclast Fx. The manufacturer already surprised us last year with the Teclast F6 Pro and the Teclast F7, two good examples of what can be achieved today if you work the mid-range of your devices well.

Currently the F6 Pro has the price through the roof, and the truth is that if we are looking for an ultrathin laptop with a minimum of conditions, the evolution of the Teclast F7 can be a much more profitable alternative. Let's see, then, what exactly the new offers us Teclast F7 Plus.

Teclast F7 Plus in review, a 14-inch notebook with a premium finish and 128GB SSD drive

Before starting the review, it would be interesting to highlight the differences between the Teclast F7 and the F7 Plus. Basically, we are facing the same laptop, but with a more recent CPU, more RAM and a more powerful battery.

Design and display

The Teclast F7 Plus mounts a large screen of 14 inches with a Full HD resolution of 1920x1080p and 2.5D arched frames. It is an ultra-thin notebook with a thickness of 8mm and a weight of 1,500gr with an aluminum finish.

At the design level, the new logo on the back has been introduced, which now lights up when we turn it on and gives it a rather nice premium touch. In short, a laptop with an elegant and slim appearance that is very easy to see.

Power and performance

If we go into the guts of the F7 Plus, we find a processor Intel Celeron Gemini Lake N4100 of 14nm that arrives until the 2.3GHz in turbo mode. The graphics is an Intel UHD Graphics 600, all with 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM and one 128GB internal SSD storage drive.

The operating system that is pre-installed is Windows 10 Home (It is in English, but you can download a language pack in Spanish). The keyboard also has an English layout, something that should not be a problem if we are used to it, although we can also solve it with the typical stickers by doing a quick search on Amazon. It is a shame, but it is what these types of devices oriented to the international market have.

Regarding the performance of the laptop, we can say that it is a step up from the Teclast F7, with a chip that improves speed, also thanks to a RAM and an SSD that provide more than necessary fluidity. To give us a better idea, here we have a small comparison between the Intel Celeron N4100 (Teclast F7 Plus) and the Intel Celeron N3450 (Teclast F7).

Source: cpu.userbenchmark.com

In short, a mid-range laptop with the power indicated for office automation tasks, watching series on the Internet and light editing tasks with really good read and write times thanks to the SSD disk.

Camera and battery

The Teclast F7 Plus incorporates a small 2MP front camera and a 6500mAh battery. The original F7 model had a 5000mAh battery, which represents a 30% increase in the autonomy of the notebook.

Ports and connectivity

This ultrathin laptop incorporates 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 mini HDMI output, micro SD card slot, 3.5mm headphone jack and power port. It offers Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, WiFi 802.11 AC and has 4 built-in speakers.

Price and availability

The Teclast F7 Plus is now available and its official price is € 444.69, although currently we can get it for € 292.05, about $ 329.99 to change, on GearBest thanks to the flash offer that is active this week.

If we are interested in a notebook with similar characteristics we can also take a look at the original Teclast F7, which can be obtained for about 319 euros on Amazon at the time of writing.

In short, a more than recommended bet if we are looking for an ultra-thin laptop for office automation tasks, navigate and watch videos fluently on a good screen, an operating system that takes very little to load thanks to the SSD and a good amount of RAM for moments a little more demanding. The battery is also reinforced, but yes, all this will be great as long as we bear in mind that the keyboard does not come with "ñ" (something that we can solve by putting a sticker). Otherwise a large and slim notebook with a great value for money.

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