How to send free SMS from PC or mobile phone (via Internet)

Today there are many operators that offer free SMS, or at least the sending of a large number of messages, within their telephone and Internet plans and rates for their customers.

If we do not have contracted a plan with free SMS, we have exhausted our messages, or we simply do not have the mobile phone at hand, we can also send SMS messages for free from a PC or mobile phone. The only requirement is to have an Internet connection.

How to send free SMS over the Internet from your PC, tablet or mobile phone

There are several websites that offer free SMS sending services, such as Globfone. Allows you to send SMS messages anywhere in the world no need to register. After trying several websites that definitely do not send anything at all, this is the one that has given me the best results, and without a doubt the most reliable -at least until today-.

To send a free SMS via Globfone:

  • We access the website of Globfone.
  • On "SELECT RECIPIENT COUNTRY”We choose the destination country.
  • On "TYPE RECIPIENT PHONE NUMBER"We indicate the recipient's phone number and press"NEXT”.

  • On the next screen we write the message to send with a limit of 160 characters.
  • Click on "I'm not a robot" and "NEXT”.

  • Then a progress bar will be displayed. If the message has been sent correctly, a notice will appear stating “The message was successfully sent”.

As we have been able to verify the service works correctly. In any case, it is recommended to sign the SMS and indicate our name, since Globfone appears in the sender of the SMS - if not, the recipient will not know who sent the message. Here you have a screenshot of the SMS received, practically at the moment:

This is a service that is supported by donations and advertisements within Globfone's own website, therefore, the SMS do not include any type of advertisement or advertising. Supports about 90% of mobile networks.

If you have any problem with the shipment, take a look at this video, where I carry out the whole process step by step:

Other services to send free SMS?

I have spent half a morning trying various free SMS services, recommended by other websites, doing Google searches etc., and the truth is that this is a real minefield.

The vast majority of services that really work require registration or are paid, so I would first advise you to try Globfone, and if it doesn't work, try one of the other applications that I recommend below. These are also free, although their effectiveness is not as high as this first application that we have just discussed, since they have greater geographical limitations or compatible operators.


The best website to send SMS messages completely free to US and Canadian numbers. It is compatible with more than 100 operators, and although it does not allow to send messages en masse, it does have some interesting extra functions. If the receiver's operator supports it, it also allows to receive SMS in the free TextEm mailbox.

Some platform tools only work through registration, but it also allows you to send free messages without creating a user (which is great).

Enter TextEm


This is another service to send free SMS, and in this case, we must create an account to be able to use it. Once we have the account registered we can create a contact list and add profile photos, as well as receive SMS messages in the mailbox.

With SendSMSNow we can also send messages to groups of people, but in this case they will charge us one cent for each number (for example, if we send an SMS to 10 people we will have to pay $ 0.10). For the rest, in theory it serves to send messages to any mobile phone number, without geographic restriction (at least that's what they promise us).

Enter SendSMSNow

Open Texting Online

We end with the recommendation of Open Texting Online, a free service to send SMS that does not require registration and that works with a large number of operators, both from the US and Europe and some other countries such as Panama, Nepal or New Zealand.

Unfortunately in Spain it seems that it only works with Movistar and Vodafone, so I have not been able to check if the messages actually arrive (although in principle it seems quite reliable).

Enter Open Texting Online

Of course, if you know of any other website or online service that allows this type of shipment to be made in a proven way, do not hesitate to share it in the comments area.

Finally, comment that the most popular tutorials on the Internet today to send free SMS are outdated, with recommendations and services that are not operational, and that is why it seemed highly appropriate to write this post. Have you tried Globfone or some other service of this type? What do you think?

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