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We live in the jungle of subscriptions. Any company that considers itself large should have its own all-you-can-eat all-you-can-eat buffet streaming service at a reasonable price. An excellent way to combat piracy, which, however, also has its own edges.

We are at a point where there are so many platforms that we are approaching an almost inevitable saturation situation. The positive side is that many of these services also offer free trial periods, and if we chain with each other we can get to spend a couple of years quietly consuming premium content without spending a single euro.

18 subscription services with one month free trial

Currently we can find several platforms that offer free TV or feature films legally. We can even configure add-ons in KODI to watch series and movies without breaking any intellectual property laws. But to be honest, we all have more or less clear that the best streaming services -be they movies, music or video games- are always those that work under subscription.

Series, movies and sports

Next, we review the most prominent platforms that offer a free trial month with which we can enjoy some of the best series and movies of the moment.

Movistar + Lite

Until now we could only enjoy Movistar content if we were clients of the operator, but for some time now the company has launched a streaming service open to everyone. Series, sports, cinema and self-created programs from Movistar + at a price of 8 euros per month. Of course, it also has a free trial period so that we can see if it convinces us or not.

Try Movistar + Lite

HBO Spain

HBO Spain has what is probably the most powerful series catalog in the national market. After the completion of Game of Thrones, the platform's star title, HBO returns to the fray with new interesting titles such as the Watchmen series or the last season of Silicon Valley.

Try HBO Spain

UPDATED: As of October 21, 2019, the free trial period of HBO Spain lasts for 14 days.

Amazon Prime Video

The great alternative to Netflix, both by catalog volume and by self-created content. Here we will find current hits like The Boys, The Good Omens or American Gods, and some mythical series like Seinfeld or Community. To have access to Prime Video it is necessary to contract Amazon Prime (first 30 days free, then € 3.99 per month). Its great advantage is that it is the cheapest streaming service out there right now, by far.

Try Amazon Prime Video


DAZN is a streaming service dedicated to sports that broadcasts events live and on demand. It offers soccer matches from various leagues such as the Premiere League, boxing matches, MotoGP and many other sports. We are talking about a recently created service (2016) that has recently landed in Spain, and of course, it also offers its free trial month for all interested parties (the rest, € 9.99 / month).


YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is the same as YouTube but without ads. It also offers other advantages such as the possibility of downloading videos to watch them offline, playing in the background and YouTube Music Premium (the company's new music application).

Try YouTube Premium

SKY Spain

SKY's streaming platform offers content on demand from some pay channels such as FOX, MTV, Canal Historia, National Geografic or SYFY, among others. It also has movies like Lucy, The Wolf of Wall Street, Jurassic Park or Frozen and series like The Walking Dead or The Good Doctor.

Try SKY Spain

Rakuten wuaki

Rakuten Wuaki is Rakuten TV's paid subscription service. Although there are series and movies of all kinds, the truth is that the most notable content seems to be aimed at young audiences, with many Disney films such as Toy Story, The Incredibles, the Lion King or Aladdin.

Try Rakuten Wuaki

Besides these, there are also other subscription steaming platforms that offer free trial periods. In case we like anime, for example, we can also take a look at Crunchyroll, which allows us to test its premium version (simultaneous broadcast with Japan, in HD and without ads) for free for 14 days.


Let's now see what the most prominent music subscription services offer us.

Apple Music

One of the most powerful streaming services, at least in terms of trial periods. Apple Music offers 3 months free trial, with more than 50 million songs available through iTunes. Be careful, it is not only available for iOS: there is also an official version on Android.

Try Apple Music


Spotify is not far behind either, and after having been offering 2 months free, now up the ante and give us 3 free months of Spotify Premium. Music without ads, the ability to skip all the songs we want and download to listen to our favorite songs without being connected to the Internet.

Try Spotify Premium


This company of Swedish origin was acquired by rapper Jay Z in 2015, after which it was relaunched through a massive advertising campaign. Focusing on the product itself, Tidal is the streaming platform for true music connoisseurs, featuring over 60 million lossless audio quality songs, 250,000 music videos and exclusive documentaries.

Try Tidal

Amazon Music Unlimited

All Amazon Prime customers have access to Amazon Music for free. However, there are many current songs and well-known groups that are only available on their premium platform, Amazon Music Unlimited. This premium service offers everything that Amazon Music does not give us, with more than 50 million songs on demand, without advertising, offline mode and compatibility with Alexa.

Try Amazon Music Unlimited

Deezer Premium

In line with other subscription services such as Spotify or AMU, Deezer has 56 million songs, which it delivers without ads, with offline mode and infinite song skips for users of its premium plan.

Try Deezer Premium


In the world of the written word there are also platforms that offer their infinite catalog in exchange for a monthly subscription. These are some of those that offer the mentioned free trial period.

Kindle Unlimited

If we have a Kindle ebook or a device with the Kindle app installed, we can have unlimited access to more than a million books through the Kindle Unlimited platform. The service includes some outstanding novelties such as "Life in Pink" by Victoria Connely, "Escarlata Venciano" by Minarelli, or "Written in Destiny" by Terry Orburn, among others.

Try Kindle Unlimited

Nubico Premium

Nubico's premium service, in addition to giving access to more than 50,000 books, also has travel guides and more than 80 magazines such as National Geographic, Elle, Saber Vivir or 10 Minutos. Allows content download for offline reading and 5 simultaneous devices. Regarding the free trial period, it lasts for 15 days, although if we are Movistar customers we can enjoy their service for up to 30 days.

Try Nubico Premium

Video game

Video game platforms also offer subscription plans, although they are not very given to giving away full months on a trial basis. Luckily, we still find some honorable exceptions like these.

Xbox Game Pass for PC

The so-called "Netflix of video games" from Microsoft offers a catalog of more than 100 PC games that we can enjoy from our Windows 10 computer. It includes titles such as Gears 5, Dishonored 2 or Jump Force. We can enjoy a free month we just have to create an account or log in to Alienware and claim our code.

Try Xbox Game Pass for PC

Apple arcade

Apple's video game platform has been a huge hit. With our monthly subscription we can download up to 100 games of remarkable quality, and play them on the iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV indistinctly. The subscription is priced at € 4.99 per month, but luckily, it also offers a 30-day free trial.

Try Apple Arcade

EA Origin Access

Currently Electronic Art is giving away a free subscription month to Origin Access Basic. This subscription plan includes unlimited access to more than 200 games as well as early access to the company's next games for 10 days. To get the 30 days free we just have to create an account on the platform (or access if we already have a user) and activate the login verification. This offer ends October 31st.

Try Origin Access Basic

Twitch Prime

Twitch is the platform where we can see gameplays or all kinds of content related to video games. The premium version of Twitch is available through Amazon Prime and we can try it free for 30 days. Twitch Prime includes access to free video games as well as offers and rewards for select titles.

Try Twitch Prime

In addition to these services, we also find other platforms that offer free trial periods. Although they do not give us the full month, they do offer one or two weeks at a cost of 0.

  • Playstation Now: Sony's on-demand video game streaming service offers a 7-day free trial period. | Watch HERE.
  • Nintendo Switch Online: Includes online game for Nintendo Switch, classic Nintendo / Super Nintendo games and cloud saving. 7-day trial period. | Watch HERE
  • Xbox Live Gold: Some games and console bundles include a digital code for a 2, 3, or 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial. | Watch HERE
  • Utomik: PC video game subscription service. It has a catalog of more than 1,000 games and a free trial period of 14 days. | Watch HERE
  • Jump: A Netflix-like streaming platform with indie-themed games. Unlimited access with 14-day free trial. | Watch HERE

Thanks for staying until the end! If you know of any other subscription service that is worthwhile and that offers a free trial month, do not hesitate to leave your recommendation in the comments area.

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