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Previously, you could boot Windows in safe or fail-safe mode by pressing F8 when booting your computer. Unfortunately, due to the loading speed of the operating system and the new UEFI BIOS, both Windows 8 and the new Windows 10 do not allow this functionality.

Anyway, be careful, if your computer has Windows 10 but does not use UEFI, you can still boot in safe mode with the F8 key, if you are fast enough, yes (you have 200 ms before the Windows manager starts to load the system as standard).

To boot Windows 10 in safe mode, do the following:

  • Go to the start button and click on "Start / Shutdown"And press"Restart"While holding down the" keyShift”.
  • In the image menu select “Solve problems”.

  • Choose "Advanced Options”And you will be able to access the Windows boot and system settings menu.
Click on «Advanced options»
  • In this little oasis of configurations you can from upload a system image until perform a restore, going by startup settings, which is what interests us in this case. Choose "Startup settings”.
Click on "Startup Settings"
  • The next screen shows us a list of the changes that we can make once the computer has been restarted. Click on "Restart”.
Click on "Restart"
  • Finally, once the computer is restarted, we will automatically reach the screen where we can effectively enable safe mode. Just click on F4 (offline mode) or F5 (safe mode with networking) so that Windows 10 loads, and this time yes, in safe mode.
Make a perfect with F4 or F5

As you can see, if you were used to launching the safe mode from the very start of the computer, with Windows 10 you must bear in mind that you must be inside the system to be able to perform this simple operation.

What if Windows doesn't work?

In this case you need either an installation DVD or an ISO image of Windows 10. Then start the PC to load the installation disc, and from there select the boot in safe mode.

Another option, if you don't have a Windows 10 installation disc, is repeatedly reboot the system, turn it off suddenly and turn it on again. For the third or fourth hot boot, the system will load the automatic repair service and it should let you enter the advanced options menu, from which you can select the safe mode boot.

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