Get a month of Crunchyroll Premium for free with this code

Crunchyroll is an on-demand streaming content platform, very similar to Netflix but dedicated exclusively to anime. Among its features is the ability to see all the premiere chapters on the same day that they are broadcast in Japan. Do you want to get one free month of Crunchyroll Premium? Well, keep reading!

Some of the advantages of having a Crunchyroll premium plan as opposed to the free membership is that there are no ads, the series are published only one hour after they are broadcast on TV in the land of the rising sun, and we can also access the catalog Full anime and manga platform.

How to get 1 free month of Crunchyroll Premium

The only requirement to get 1 month of premium on Crunchyroll is to have a Twitch Prime account. Something that we can get completely free with an Amazon Prime account.

  • If we don't have Amazon Prime yet, we can get 1 month free trial HERE.
  • To get a free Twitch Prime account we just have to associate our Amazon Prime account to our Twitch account. To do this, follow the steps indicated in this other tutorial HERE. Note: If you are interested, in that same tutorial we also explain how to get a free year of Nintendo Switch Online. The truth is that being an Amazon Prime user has a few interesting benefits lately!

Now that we have our Twitch Prime account ready, we go to the next Twitch page. Among the various offers and free game loot for Twitch Prime we find the promo “Crunchyroll: 30 Day Pass". Finally, click on "Get code”And copy the alphanumeric code that will be displayed on the screen.

From this point on, we just have to go to this Crunchyroll link and redeem the code we just got.

One tip: if this is the first time we are signing up for Crunchyroll, we can take advantage of the 14-day free premium offer they offer, and then redeem the code to get a month and a half of premium subscription for the pin.

Among the most prominent anime that are currently broadcast on the platform we find series such as Naruto Shippuden, the second season of One Punch Man in simulcast, Boruto, Mob Psycho 100, Black Clover, Hunter x Hunter, Fairy Tail and many other popular titles.

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