How to activate call forwarding on Android (and how to deactivate it)

In work environments, call forwarding is the order of the day. Especially on landlines. But this is something that we can also do with our mobile phone. It is a very practical function that, unfortunately, is quite hidden in the Android settings menu. Today we'll see how to activate and deactivate automatic call redirection with hardly disheveled. Let's go there!

How to enable / disable call forwarding on Android

Before starting, we have to clarify that call forwarding is a tool that not all telephone operators offer for free. If our mobile does not have this function enabled - something that would be rare but possible - we will have to contact our company to activate it. And by the way, ask if they are going to charge us for this service.

How to activate call forwarding to another phone number

If we have a company number and we are going to take a vacation, we will probably be interested in redirecting our calls to the office switchboard or to the colleague who replaces us. To do this, in the most recent versions of Android, we will follow the following steps:

  • We open the application of "Telephone”.
  • We open the drop-down menu located in the upper right margin and click on "Settings”.
  • Click on "Calling Accounts”And we select the SIM of the number we want to redirect (in case we have more than one).

  • We are going to "Call settings -> Call forwarding”.

At this point, Android will offer us several options to configure call forwarding. In each of these cases, we can indicate a different phone number to which to redirect our incoming calls:

  • Always divert: All incoming calls will be automatically redirected to the specified number.
  • When i'm busy: Calls will be forwarded only when the line is busy.
  • When i don't reply: Number to which calls will be diverted if we do not answer the phone. It is usually left empty or with the answering machine.
  • When not available: Calls will be redirected to the indicated number when the phone is switched off or out of range. It is usually forwarded to a number on our telephone operator.

Taking all this into account, if what we want is not to receive calls at any time, we will indicate the number to redirect in the field "Always divert”. For the rest of the cases, we will proceed according to our needs.

How to disable call forwarding on Android

Now that we know how incoming call redirection works, disabling them is just as easy.

  • We are going to "Phone -> Settings -> Call accounts”.
  • Then to "Call settings -> Call forwarding”.
  • From here we delete any detour that interests us.

As you can see, it is not a configuration option that is very "at hand" to say, but once we know where to find it, its configuration does not suppose any headache. I hope this tutorial is useful for you, and see you in the next post!

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