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Raise your hand if you have not discovered a great app and that a few seconds after installing it has made a face of "Arrggh!" after seeing the ugly icon that the developers have put on it.

If we want to change the icon of an app normally we need to resort to launchers that allow us to customize the icons of our favorite apps. Luckily, now we also have a much simpler alternative in application format, the Awesome Icons.

Awesome Icons, the easiest way to customize icons on Android

Without root permissions we cannot change the icon assigned to an app by default, but there is nothing that prevents us from creating our own icons. This is precisely what Awesome Icons does: it allows us to create a custom icon and assign it to an app as a shortcut on the desktop.

In this way, we simply have to replace the old desktop icons with the new ones that we create through the many icon packs available for this application.

Some original and really cool icon packs

In order to replace the standard icons with a little more cute ones, once we have Awesome Icons installed, we will have to download a few icon packs that conform to what we are looking for.

Some of the icon packs recommended by the app developers are the icon packs of Min, Moonshine and Elun. We can download them through the following links:

Download QR-Code Min - Icon Pack Developer: SixtyFour ThirtyTwo Price: Free Download QR-Code Moonshine - Icon Pack Developer: Nate Wren Design Price: Free Download QR-Code Elun - Icon Pack Developer: Vertumus Price: € 0.89

Other free icon packs are very interesting like Retro Icons Pack, The Grid or Polycon are also compatible with Awesome Icons:

Download QR-Code RETRO- ICONS Pack Developer: Theme4droids Price: Free Download QR-Code The Grid - Icon Pack (Free Version) Developer: Nate Wren Design Price: Free Download QR-Code Polycon - Icon Pack Developer: Piksely Price: Free

How to change icons with Awesome Icons

The process of creating a new icon is very simple:

  • We open Awesome Icons and click on the "+" symbol located at the top.
  • We select the app that we want to customize.
  • Click on the image below the legend "Icon"And we choose"Icon pack icon”.
  • We select the desired package and its corresponding icon.
  • To finish, click on "okay”.

As you can see, it is a very simple process that offers many customization possibilities without having to pull the classic launchers. A very good customization tool that will allow us to achieve a greater degree of customization on our Android device.

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