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There are times when we buy a mobile phone or a tablet and it comes infested with applications that the manufacturer requires us to keep installed. They cannot be erased, they don't even go away with hot water, and if we are also already using other apps that do the same but better, we are taking up storage space completely unnecessarily.

System App Remover is an application for root users that allows you to uninstall any app from an Android terminal, even system or factory apps, which are pre-installed as standard.

System App Remover: a basic tool to uninstall any application

This free app has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play, and is one of the root applications par excellence of any superuser worth its salt. Its ease of use and its characteristics make it a tremendously functional tool:

  • Allows you to uninstall system and user apps.
  • Move applications to the SD card.
  • Move apps to the internal memory of the device.
  • Allows you to scan, install and delete apk files in the SD memory.

How to uninstall a factory app on Android

To get rid of any system app we only have to display the side menu of System App Remover and click on "System app”. We will see a list of the apps that are pre-installed as standard on the device, such as the typical apps such as Google Play Music, Google Play Books and the like.

All of them they have a legend that indicates if the application can be uninstalled without problem or if it is a critical app for the system. There are a total of 3 types:

  • It can be deleted (it does not have any legend).
  • Must be maintained.
  • Main module.

It is only recommended to uninstall those apps that are marked as removable. In the rest of the cases we can take a risk and force the uninstallation, but we can cause damage to the system, so it is a task that we must carry out with great care.

To uninstall a factory app, just select it and click on "Uninstall”.

Another advantage is that even if we delete an application, it will go to the trash, so that we can always go to it and restore it.

Download QR-Code App Remover Developer: Jumobile Price: Free

With System App Remover (or App Remover, as he calls himself in Spanish) opens a door as necessary as that of to be able to uninstall the application that we want on our phone. If we have root permissions, an essential to do a good cleaning of bloatware on Android.

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