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Last week we explained how to make a magnification on android screen using the zoom tool. It is a utility that can come in handy if we want to see a specific area of ​​our screen in more detail, but what can we do if we want to increase the size of the text on the entire screen of our terminal? In today's tutorial, we explain how to increase and decrease font size on Android.

How to increase or decrease text size on Android

General parameter settings, such as increasing or decreasing the size of the font, are performed from the configuration or settings menu of the device (the classic icon with the gear wheel). Therefore, to modify the size of the font we simply have to go to "Setting”And in the section“Devices"Click on the menu"Screen”.

Once inside the screen settings we find the section dedicated to managing the font size. Here Android offers us up to 4 different font sizes that we can apply simply by clicking on the adjustable bar. By default, the system is configured with size # 2 out of a total of 4 available magnifications.

Does this change also increase the font of the browser, apps and others?

Once the change is made, the setting is applied to everything Android displays on the screen. From our apps, going through the browser, games, widgets and desk. Therefore, if we are looking for a general increase in all the fonts that are displayed on the screen, this is the change that we must apply.

Increase the font size on Twitter, Facebook and other apps

If what we want is to increase the font size of a single application, then we have to do it from within that same app. If, for example, we want to increase the font size on Twitter we must go to the settings of the app itself:

  • We are going to "Settings and privacy«.
  • Click on «Screen and sound«.
  • We select the desired font size from «Font size»(Minimum size of 13pt and maximum of 20pt).

In the case of other applications such as YouTube, Facebook or Instagram the steps to follow would be the same (that is, go into the app's settings and look for the font size settings).

Improve the visibility of letters by increasing the contrast of the text

If we have vision problems or the increase in the font simply does not seem sufficient, as of Android 6.0 the system also offers the possibility of activating the so-called “high contrast text”. This what it does is create a black border in the white letters, which makes the text much better distinguishable.

To activate the high contrast on our Android device just go to “Settings -> Accessibility”And activate the tab“High contrast text (experimental)”.

Another option to consider when trying to improve visibility and reading in our terminal may be the change to a new type of letter or font. To do this, do not hesitate to take a look at the following article where we explain how to change font in android (without root).

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