How to get Microsoft Office for free (legally)

Normally a personal license of Microsoft Office has a price of 69.00 euros per year. A high amount but quite manageable if we take into account what it cost to acquire the Office package until not long ago. However, there are several methods to be able to use Word, Excel, Power Point and the rest of Microsoft Office applications without paying a single penny.

On saying that if we are looking for an office suite with its word processor, its spreadsheets, presentations and other tools we can always opt for free open source alternatives such as OpenOffice or LibreOffice. While slightly less visually appealing, the changes from Microsoft's product are purely cosmetic and it's fairly easy to adapt and get the hang of it. With that said, let's see how we can get Microsoft Office for free and legal.

Use the browser version of Office Online

Whether we are using a Windows PC, a Mac or a Linux computer, we can make use of the entire Office office suite online, without installing any program and without spending a single euro.

All we have to do is enter and log in with our free Microsoft account and we will be ready to start working. Once inside, we will find a control panel from where we can access the online versions of MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, One Drive One Note and other applications. They lack some other advanced features that we do see in the desktop versions, but in general terms, unless we are users hardcore, we will hardly notice the difference.

There is also a premium version of Office Online with more space to save files in the cloud, since with the free version we only have 5GB of storage in One Drive. In any case, the Office suite is whole and completely free.

Take advantage of the free trial month

Like any good service that works under subscription (in this case the license is paid annually), the Office suite also offers a free trial period. If we are only going to need Excel, Word and other tools for a few days or weeks, we can always take advantage of the free trial month offered by Microsoft (available on its official website HERE).

In order to sign up, it is necessary that we enter a valid payment method (Paypal or credit card), although once we have activated the free month it is advisable to cancel the subscription to make sure that we will not be charged after the trial month (you know that this canceling subscriptions is something that is usually easily forgotten, I do not know if it happens to you too). Fortunately, even if we cancel the subscription early, the account remains active until the agreed 30 days have passed.

Microsoft also offers a free trial month of the Office version for business (Office 365ProPlus), so by combining both trial months we can achieve 2 months of free access to the full Office suite.

Download Office for free if you are a student or teacher

Many colleges, institutes and universities religiously pay their corresponding Office 365 fee so that their students can download the software for free. To find out if your school is part of the initiative Office 365 Education you just have to enter IS Microsoft page and enter your student email.

If your center is subscribed, you can download the Office 365 Education package that includes Word, Excel, Power Point, One Note and Microsoft Teams, as well as other additional tools for the classroom.

Note: If your institute or school is not registered in this service, do not give up. Many centers usually offer special discounts to their students to acquire Office at a reduced price. Consult the secretary's office or the centre's library for more information.

Use the Office apps for Android and iOS

Microsoft Office applications They are totally free in their app version for mobiles and tablets. We can install the entire Microsoft office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and use it to create, open and edit documents from our mobile device.

In the case of using them on an Android tablet or an iPad, the Office suite only allows you to create and edit documents on screens less than 10.1 inches. If our device has a larger screen, it will only allow us to read documents, requiring a paid subscription to be able to perform the rest of the functions.

Download QR-Code Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more Developer: Microsoft Corporation Price: Free Download QR-Code Microsoft Office Developer: Microsoft Corporation Price: Free +

Microsoft 365 plan for home

Subscriptions Microsoft 365 Home They are intended to be shared between several people. If a one-person license for Office 365 has a price of € 69 per year, in the case of Microsoft 365 Home we can get hold of the official version of Office for 6 people for € 99 per year.

This is a subscription that we can get at a price of balance to anything that we have a couple of friends willing to participate. Now, if we have an acquaintance or family member who is already subscribed to this plan and has an account to spare, always remember that "it is a good friend to be grateful."

In any case, it is clear that the Microsoft 365 Home option is the cheapest of all, since if we divide the price to pay between 6 people, we get the whole year for 16.50 euros. A very interesting figure and one that is most manageable for most pockets.

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