Teclast Master T10 in review: a premium tablet with a 2.5K screen

Those of us who follow the panorama of Chinese tablets a bit know that Teclast is one of those firms that is always present in all the pools of the mid-range "tabletil". Now it is the turn of the Teclast Master T10 –Or Teclast T10, just plain-, a tablet that stands out thanks to your screen with 2.5K or Quad HD resolution. A high-quality screen superior to the traditional 2K, which together presents premium finishes at a price closer to the classic low-cost.

Teclast Master T10 review, premium materials and large screen at an affordable price

Lately we had seen Windows 10 tablets and dual systems on the latest Teclast devices, but this time the company has decided to go back to betting on a pure Android 7.0 to take the helm of its new star terminal. In today's review, we reviewed the Teclast Master T10, take a look at it?


Design and display

One of the strengths of the Teclast T10, in addition to the screen, is undoubtedly its achieved premium finish. A design that is not out of the ordinary but that is made consistently and with good metal materials. In addition, it has a very rare feature in mid-range tablets: the fingerprint reader.

As far as the screen is concerned, we find a 10.1 ”OGS Sharp panel size and Quad HD resolution, a 2.5K halfway between 2K and 4K, with a pixel ratio of 2560 × 1600 and a very good image quality. If this Teclast T10 can bring out one thing, it is its magnificent screen.

In terms of size, it has dimensions of 23.90 x 16.70 x 0.80 cm and a weight of 0.553kg.

Power and performance

When it comes to getting into the guts of the T10 we find the always indispensable 4GB RAM and 64Gb of internal storage expandable. The processor is a MTK8176 Hexa Core running at 1.7GHz and a IMG GX6250 GPU to manage the graphics displayed on the screen. It has Android 7.0 as the operating system.

It is not a tablet with which to play AAA + games with a great graphic load, but to watch movies, use apps, games, and for everything else, he is more than capable, and delivers a smooth and generally pleasant experience.

Camera and battery

Tablets usually do not include very good cameras, since they are not usually used to take many photos. In that sense, the Teclast Master T10 is more like a smartphone: a 13.0MP front camera and one 8.0MP rear lens. In this way, in addition to taking more than decent photos, we will be able to have much more pleasant experiences in apps like Skype and the like.

In terms of battery, we find a more than correct 8100mAh with fast charge, with which to enjoy a comfortable and comfortable autonomy.

Ports and connectivity

The Teclast Master T10 has micro SD slot, micro USB port, mini HDMI and 3.5mm headphone jack. Supports Dual WiFi, both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz networks, has Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi 802.11 ac.

Price and availability

The Teclast Master T10It has an official starting price of $ 273.14, although we can currently get it on GearBest at a price of 171.02 euros, about $ 199.11 to change, which is not bad at all.

The truth is that it is a sweet moment for those who enjoy a good screen and good image quality in tablet format. We finally start to see devices like this T10, with high quality displays at an affordable price, within the best mid-range of the present 2017.

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