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Today's mini tutorial has it all: it's easy to do, we don't have to spend a penny, and the results are truly incredible. Today we are going to see how to use our mobile phone and some pieces of plastic to create a small 3D holographic projector that will leave you with your mouth open.

Material needed to make the hologram projector

To create our homemade 3D hologram we will need the following:

  • The transparent plastic casing of a CD or DVD (depending on our skill we may need a couple of casings instead of just one).
  • Graph paper and pencil.
  • A cutter.
  • A pen or marker.
  • A Mobile phone.

Steps to follow to create a homemade 3D hologram

Our goal is to create a small prism that by reflecting the image of the phone creates a three-dimensional optical effect similar to that of a projected hologram.

Step # 1: Create the template

The first thing we have to do is take a graph paper and draw a trapezoid of dimensions 1cm x 6cm x 3.5cm as you see in the image.

If you want a bigger hologram you can scale the measurements and draw a larger trapezoid (for example, 2cm x 12cm x 7cm).

Step # 2: Use the template to create 4 plastic trapezoids

Once we have the template drawn we have to cut it out with scissors, and use it to draw the same trapezoid on the plastic casing of a CD / DVD.

It is recommended to remove the edges of the housing to operate more easily on the plastic surface. If you have problems or fear of cutting yourself, it is best to use a cloth to remove the edges safely.

Once the trapezoid is drawn we will cut it with a cutter. Very important to be very careful, this is the most dangerous part of the process and if we are not careful we are in danger of getting a good cut.

We will repeat this same process until we get 4 trapezoids transparent plastic.

Step # 3: Join the 4 trapezoids to create a prism

To finish with the invention, we will join the 4 plastic figures with a little cello or adhesive tape. At this point it is advisable to clean the plastic well so that it is as transparent as possible, since the quality of the hologram will depend on it.

Once all the faces are joined, we will obtain a small transparent plastic prism.

Step # 4: Find 3D Hologram Videos on YouTube

We have everything ready. Now there is only search for a video on YouTube, specially created to be reproduced as a three-dimensional hologram. We will not have any problem, since they exist quite a few videos of this type in Youtube.

To be able to see the hologram correctly, we just have to lower all the blinds (the darker the better) and place the prism on the screen of our Smartphone. Amazing!

Here is a small video to give you an idea of ​​the result:

With this video we inaugurate the YouTube channel of El Androide Feliz. I hope this is the first in a long series of fun and enjoyable tutorials and videos. See you tomorrow friends!

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