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All lovers of Dragon ball We have ever dreamed of flying in the Kinton cloud or of being able to store our things in the practical Hoi Poi capsules. Although we still can't time travel like Trunks or throw a good Kame Hame Ha, there are things from the incredible world of Dragon Ball that they are already among us.

Android 18

In the summer of 2014, the convention called “Dragon Ball meets science"And it was possible to see an exact life-size replica of Android 18.

This reproduction of A-18 caught a lot of attention from the audience, since the cyborg I kept looking to anyone who walks in front of him.


Kepler 22b is the first exoplanet found in the so-called habitable zone (the region around a star where it is possible for a planet to have water in a liquid state). It is 600 light years away and curiously it looks quite similar to a certain planet who tried to conquer a certain Freeza.

For this reason, a campaign has been started in Change.org to change the name of the planet to Namek, and the truth is that in the absence of just over 12,000 signatures, it is nearing completion. I remember that when the news broke, I also signed that request for change. What are you waiting for?

Press HERE to enter Change.org and sign in favor of Namek.

They are goku

That's it, the ready came out. How does Goku not exist? Well, it does exist, yes. His full name is Goku Ceferino Expósito García and he was born in 2015 in Catalonia (Spain). His father says that he has never been a big fan of Dragon Ball, but that the name seemed pretty to him and conveyed strength and happiness to him. Soon Goku will start going to school and watching TV with his friends, how about Dragon Ball Super?

Here the complete article that Goku's father published in El Pais regarding his son's name.


The youtuber Kier simmons has developed a true scouter or energy meter. Obviously it is not able to measure your combat strength, but as you can see in this video the scouter is totally faithful to the one in the manga. It even has an OLED screen in which the classic measurement characters of this type of device are arranged.

Space capsules

Tokyu Hands is a Japanese department store, and in 2012 they put unit survival capsules on sale to the public. They became known as "Life Armor" and are designed to withstand large drops and weights of up to 9.3 tons. All for the modest price of about $ 5,000.

Kame hame ha

In 2015, in the Tokyo promo of the video game Dragon ball xenoverse they set up a stage where visitors could get on and launch their own Kame hame ha. At first it may seem silly, but look at this and tell me what you think. Isn't it the closest thing to launching a proper Kame Hame?

Before going on stage there was a machine that measured your combat strength, and based on that level of power your Kame Hame was more or less powerful.

Trunks sword

In the channel Awe me from Youtube, the guys from Baltimore Knife and Sword they make replicas of swords and weapons from the world of comics, cinema and video games.

Every Monday they accept a different challenge, and a few weeks ago they got down to work with the now mythical sword of Trunks.

During the 14 minutes that the video lasts, we can observe the entire process, from the initial forging to the last final touches. All a work of art.

Dragon Balls

This more than a fact almost falls into the category of urban legend. About 15 years ago there was a rumor that there was a Chinese billionaire tycoon, who was a true fan of Dragon Ball. To the extent that created 7 exact replicas of the classic dragon balls and spread them all over the world. Whoever managed to collect the 7 balls could make 1 wish to the Chinese tycoon and he would grant it. Urban legend or not, the truth is that the idea is brutal.

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