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The Le 2 Pro is still a great mobile after 2 years on the market, but its version of Android is starting to be a bit outdated

If you still don't know the brand LeTV you should know that we are before one of the most innovative manufacturers in the Asian market. They were the first to adopt the USB Type C, are also present in the development of terminals without 3.5mm mini-jack and they are currently promoting technology VoLTE to unite data and voice services. All visionaries who have long succeeded in China with their high-end smartphones at very reasonable prices. In today's review we analyze one of the best phones in the house, the LeTV Leeco Le 2 Pro, quite a gem that has not yet been talked about enough in the European market. Let's go there!

Design and display

The Le 2 Pro count with one elegant rounded edge design and metallic body with a slim premium finish. Unlike most competing smartphones, the manufacturer has placed the fingerprint reader just below the rear camera, promising greater ease when unlocking the terminal (those of us who have the detector on the front of the terminal tend to have a rather difficult time unlocking the phone with one hand, so this design idea of ​​putting the reader on the back may be a good alternative).

The 5.5-inch screen and FullHD resolution with 401 PPI (pixels per inch), has the innovative In-Cell technology which promises to offer better quality images by eliminating intermediate films and offering direct contact between the screen and the touch layer.

Power and performance

As far as power is concerned, we are above all a marvel of the upper mid-range. Helio X20 10-core processor running at a frequency of 2.3GHz, Mali T880 GPU and 4GB of RAM wrapped under the Android 6.0 umbrella. In terms of storage space we have 32GB internal non-expandable.

We are facing a terminal with a performance well above the average from its range competitors. To give us an idea, has a score of 94,345 in the Antutu benchmark , thus pulverizing the performance tests of other terminals such as the iPhone 6 or any other terminal that is currently around 200 euros / dollars.

It goes without saying that with these components the LeTV Leeco Le 2 Pro you will be able to move powerful games and run multiple apps simultaneously without any problem. In that aspect we can be calm, since the system gives us a totally contrasted reliability.

Camera and battery

The camera also undergoes an improvement over previous models of the company, and gives us a powerful rear lens with flash at a resolution of 21MP and an 8MP selfie camera. Well above the 13MP resolution that we are used to seeing in other similar devices. Image quality assured.

As far as autonomy is concerned, the model Le 2 Pro comes equipped with a generous built-in 3000mAh battery.

Other functionalities

LeTV Leeco is a company that is showing great interest in innovation, and a good example of this is the incorporation of VoLTE technology, which allows data and voice services to be combined to deliver a higher than usual call quality.

It also has 4G connectivity, headphone jack, Dual SIM support and charger Type-C USB, which means that we can enjoy fast battery charges, allowing you to refuel half of the terminal's battery in less than 30 minutes.

Price and availability

The LeTV Leeco Le Pro 2 is priced at around $ 200. Taking into account its characteristics, it is a more than tempting price, showing a frankly commendable quality / price ratio.

GearBest | Buy LeTV Leeco Le Pro 2 (204 $ or 185 euros)

In short, an elegant terminal, with a very good design and some technical specifications that we will hardly be able to find in terminals that move on a similarly priced fork. Probably one of the best upper-mid-range terminals of this 2016.

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