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The sports genre It has been present in the world of video games since the beginning of time. What is Pong if it is not a game of tennis / ping-pong with two lines and a ball? In the 70s and 80s the genre was still in its infancy, with simple soccer games in the arcades, Olympic button-mashing titles for PC, and the first motorcycle and racing games for the NES.

Then the PC Futbol, ​​the Tony Hawk, the Pro, the FIFA, the NBA on duty would arrive, and so on until today, where many of these sports games have been transferred with better or worse luck to the ecosystem of phones and mobile devices. In today's post we review 10 of the best sports games for Android. You, which one do you prefer?

The 10 best sports games for Android phones and tablets

The sports genre for Android does not go around with little girls, and some of the best titles are directly paid. Of course, in the list that we will see below we have only added free games. In any case, in order not to leave this top somewhat lame, at the end of the post we also attached a few honorable mentions with the most outstanding premium sports games.

FIFA Soccer / PES 2018 Pro Evolution Soccer

The FIFA and the Pro, the eternal rivals. The biggest banners of soccer games in arcade and consoles some time ago they have made the leap to Android, and although the PES seems to have a bit more quality, FIFA wins in popularity "by a landslide".

Two games that quite faithfully convey the spirit of the originals, with controls adapted to play from the touch screen of the mobile or tablet. Both free.

Download QR-Code eFootball PES 2020 Developer: KONAMI Price: Free Download QR-Code FIFA Soccer Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS Price: Free

NBA Live Mobile Basketball

Electronic Arts NBA Live is another classic that cannot be missing from this list. EA's game is presented as a really consistent basketball title. It has daily events, we can challenge other players and play entire NBA seasons with our team.

When we reach level 5 we unlock the Suspenders, where we can make a league with our friends or play in other random leagues. A curious detail is that if someone in our league makes a purchase in-game, the rest of the players get a gift - something that helps to promote purchases of this NBA Live free to play-.

Download QR-Code NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS Price: Free

Asphalt 9: Legends

The latest edition of Android's most popular arcade racing game. A frenetic game in which we can drive sports cars from Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and many other well-known brands.

It has more than 50 cars and 800 events. The game opts more for fun than raw realism, delivering a great arcade experience with nitros, 360-degree spins, crashes and console-level graphics.

Download QR-Code Asphalt 9: Legends - New Racing Game 2020 Developer: Gameloft SE Price: Free

Virtua Tennis Challenge

Virtua Tennis Challenge was one of the best games on the Dreamcast, and thanks to the Sega Forever initiative, the game has seen a second youth on mobile devices.

Probablythe best tennis game we can see on Android- Great gameplay and good graphics in an experience of remarkable duration, with 50 players and 18 international stadiums.

Download QR-Code Virtua Tennis Challenge Developer: SEGA Price: Free

Trials Frontier

Motorcycle racing, yes! If you like the Trials saga from Ubisoft you have to take a look at this Trials Frontier. It has excellent graphics cartoon, and as in its console version, skill and control over our character are the key at all times.

It has more than 250 missions and 50 hours of gameplay in story mode. The game is free, but remember that we are talking about a Ubisoft product, so get used to the idea that it will be full of purchases in-game -Which of course we can and must ignore for the sake of our pocket-.

Download QR-Code Trials Frontier Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment Price: Free

WGT Golf Game

If we are looking for a somewhat more arcade gameplay we should try Super Stickman Golf 3But if we want to play a more realistic and detailed simulation golf game, we should definitely opt for WGT Golf Game.

The game includes iconic golf courses, frequent updates and special events coinciding with special dates in the world of golf.

Download QR-Code WGT Golf Game by Topgolf Developer: WGT Price: Free

Snowboard Party: World Tour

A good game of snowboarding has to have sharp guitars, good stunts, and a rhythm that gets your adrenaline pumping like there's no tomorrow. Snowboard Party delivers on a high note and has all that and more: time trials, stunts, high speed jumps, half-pipe and multiplayer mode. Highly recommended for lovers of skateboarding and this type of game so characteristic.

Download QR-Code Snowboard Party: World Tour Developer: Maple Media LLC. Price: Free

MLB Perfect Inning 2018

One of the most complete baseball games with the best graphics available for Android. Includes all 30 American Baseball League stadiums and more than 1,700 players, outlined and rendered in 3D for a more realistic experience.

It has several game modes. We can play single matches or embark on a full season. The game also features a "live player system", which reflects and adjusts the real-life performance of the players within the game.

Download QR-Code MLB Perfect Inning 2020 Developer: GAMEVIL Inc. Price: Free

Madden NFL Overdrive Football

American football also has a lot of pull on Android, and a good example of this is the Madden NFL Overdrive with its 4.4 stars and more than 10 million downloads. A benchmark, with its annual updates, and a versus mode that is the main focus of this excellent sports title.

Register QR-Code Last Season MM Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS Price: To be announced

Hockey Nations 18

Distinctive Games, the creators of Hockey Classic 16 –possibly the best mobile hockey game to date- bring us this Hockey Nations 18. Good graphics for a title that has up to 7 game modes, with more than 50 challenges, games winter, super series 3 ON 3, online mode and more.

Download QR-Code Hockey Nations 18 Developer: Distinctive Games Price: Free

Honorable mentions

Other featured free games: Touchgrind BMX, Kings of Pool: Online 8 Ball and Badminton League

Other featured premium games: NBA 2K18, NBA Jam, Punch Club, True Skate and Football Manager Mobile 2018.

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