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Spotify is the application of streaming music par excellence. If you like music, whatever genre you adore in your spare time, surely you have Spotify installed on your Smartphone, laptop or desktop PC (And if not, surely at some point you have been tempted, what Yes?). Even in its free version, the application offers million possibilities among its numerous playlists, artist radios, weekly discoveries, your Daily Mix and many other things that left me in the inkwell.

Some of the best Rock playlists on Spotify

Rock lovers have an incredible catalog to pull from on Spotify. There are all the important groups. Today we can even listen to Metallica, a group that for years categorically refused to enter Spotify and that finally ended up succumbing to its charms.

These are some of the Most interesting rock playlists for Spotify according The Happy Android. With each of the playlists you will find a link to see all the content of the playlist and add it to your collection.

Rock classics

The first list of songs is made up of a repertoire of the most classic of the genre. From the Brown sugar of the Rolling Stones, going by Bowie, AC DC, The Who, Van morrison, The Kinks, Aerosmith, Led zeppelin, the Doors by Jim Morrison and many other artists make up this list of 120 songs prepared by the Spotify group itself for those nostalgic for the most glorious era that rock has had in all its history. Most of the list is made up of tracks ranging from the 1960s to the late 1980s. Pure gold.

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Rock Gaming

Almost 12 hours of guitar rock, which looks great as background music while we play a few games on the console (preferably action games). How about listening to the Everlong of the Foo fighters while you complete any of the missions of the last "Uncharted "? Here we will find bands from the late '90s and' 00s mainly. Groups like Green Day, Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer, Blink-182, System of a Down, Nirvana, AFI, Para Roach, The Offspring And a long etcetera.

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Rock in Spanish

Playlist formed by some of the great rock icons in the language of Cervantes. It is not a very extensive list (just 50 songs), but it incorporates a large number of classics from groups such as Héroes del Silencio, Soda Stereo, Café Tacvba, Los Rodriguez, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Babasónicos and more. Perhaps it can be blamed on him that some songs are closer to pop than to rock and some other absence that should not be missing in a list of the best of rock in Spanish (The Pirates or Old Morla). In any case, guitars and good songs are guaranteed.

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Rober | by salatunk

This is the (best) playlist that used to be played at Sala Tunk, a concert hall in the Basque Country that was quite successful a few years ago. The selection of songs is tremendous: almost 700 songs and more than 35 hours of non-stop music. An eclectic list with groupazos that would hardly be heard on the big national radio stations. Buzzcocks, Misfits, Dead Kennedys, The Vibrators, Fugazi, The Hellacopters but also classics like The Beach Boys or The Everly Brothers.

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Rock this

This playlist is composed of the most current songs of the rock bands of the moment. An eclectic list that fits both groups and Radiohead, tame Impala or Disturbed. Here we will find songs from the latest albums of Metallica, Nine Inch Nails or Kings of Leon.

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Rock Me UP!

Rock Me UP! it is a set of lively and vitaminized themes with a positive spirit as a common denominator element. Here we will find epic and hot tunes from groups like Jimmy Eat World, Rage Against The Machine, The Black Keys, Guns N ’Roses or green Day. A lot of punk-rock and American rock, mainly from the early 2000s.

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The great thing about having a website is that you can do things like this. Yes, this playlist has 0 followers, but it is the Android playlist. 5 hours of music with groups like Blur, Oasis, Pixies, Muse, Richard Cheese, My Morning Jacket or Diao controller. Indie pop-rock with lots of guitar and almost perfect melodies for humming or singing loudly.

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90s Alternative Rock

An indispensable playlist for those who lived through the commercial guitar splendor of the 90s. 92 extremely mythical songs that we could listen to at all hours, when MTV only played video clips and live concerts. What times! Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Korn, The Breeders, Garbage and Jane’s Addiction among others are part of this list.

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Metal / Rock Remake-Cover-Tribute

In this playlist we find a very interesting selection of covers and versions of well-known songs performed by some of the best rock and metal groups. Do youGod Save The Queen touched by Motorhead? ¿Oops I Did It Again of Britney Spears in the hands of Children of Boddom? ¿Message in a Bottle coming out of the guitars of Machine Head? I buy!

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Rockabilly mania

Selection of classic songs from the Rockabilly genre. It is not a very extensive list (68 songs) but it is full of classics. Here you will find themes of Chuck Berry, Stray Cats, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, Little Richard or Lee Rocker.

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What do you think of this selection of playlists for Spotify? Do not hesitate to leave your favorite playlists, groups or radios in the comments area!

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