+15,000 "Golden Age" comics to download for free

Do you like comics? I recently published a post with the best apps to read comics on Android, and the truth is that the outlook is not the most exciting. With regard to manga we have great proposals such as the exciting Manga Plus from Shonen Jump. But American comic books are another matter. Very high prices in the digital format and very little free offer to attract new readers.

I am one of those who think that the paper edition is always better. But I can also understand that there are people who read comics through unofficial channels - although with that we are contributing our little grain of sand to burden the industry. It is not easy to buy a staple from a collection when you do not know if you will like it, you are 14 or 16 years old and your budget is very limited.

Thousands of public domain comic-books in free download and 100% legal

Another very different thing is that we love the medium, we enjoy reading American comic-books and that certain collections are not available. Simply because it is not worth editing them. We are talking about comics, many of them discontinued and editorials that have ceased to exist years ago or were absorbed by companies such as Marvel or DC Comics.

In these cases we must know that there is countless comics that are already in the public domain, and that can be read (and downloaded) totally free and legal over the Internet. Comics from the mythical "Golden Age", cartoons from the 30s, 40s and 50s that we will hardly see on a shelf at the FNAC or your usual comic shop.

Digital Comics Museum

His name says it all. A digital museum of the ninth art that collects comics that have become public domain, and that, therefore, can be downloaded in a totally legal way. For this we only need to register on the web with our email account and start downloading.

The good thing about all this is that we can also read any entire comic-book from the "preview" button attached to each of the contributions. It has a built in comic reader that works great and the scans are of great quality.

You could ask for little more, although the interface seems somewhat outdated, its wardrobe is simply magnificent. Here we will find American and Canadian comic books of the so-called Golden Age (1930/1940/1950). Comics from now defunct publishers such as Fawcett Comics, American Comics Group, Avon Comics, Charlton Comics, and many others.

The genres are the usual ones of the time: superheroes, western, science fiction, horror and romance. Here we will find the classic comics of Blue Beetle, Green Hornet, Sheena or the first Daredevil.

Enter the Digital Comics Museum

Comic Book Plus

The other great reference for this type of content is Comic Book Plus. A website of enormous historical significance that collects comics from the Golden Age, Silver Age, comic strips and pulp fiction.

The page also incorporates non-English-speaking comics, such as vampire comics in Spanish, or Italian monsters. Perhaps this is the most interesting section of Comic Book Plus, since we find high quality scans, really old and legendary comics in Spanish. Like for example, the first publications of Captain Marvel, when they were worth 1 peseta!

The most veteran of the safe place who will be happy to see other classics as well as "War feats", "The warrior in the mask", "Thumbelina" or "The adventures of Buffalo Bill".

The page also has a forum and a section dedicated to the old radio shows. Here we will find the serialized programs of "The Adventures of Superman", with more than 1,000 radio broadcasts. All of them issued between 1940 and 1951. A true bastion of knowledge that undoubtedly deserves to be preserved.

Enter Comic Book Plus

The truth is that during the documentation of this article I have been really surprised by the quality and affection that these 2 enormous documentary libraries give off. No one will doubt its enormous historical value, but being able to read all these comics so well scanned and cared for today makes one remember that the Internet is not just noise and junk content. There are also little gems, and this is one of them.

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