How to zoom the Android screen anywhere!

The zoom is that utility that allows us enlarge a specific area of ​​our screen to see it larger. Not only does it serve to view an image with greater level of detail, but it is a tremendously useful tool for people with vision problems.

What a lot of people don't know is that Android also offers the ability to zoom anywhere on the screen, whatever the app we are using. It is an option that is somewhat hidden, so we are going to take advantage of today's post to show you how to activate this magnificent utility. In today's tutorial, how to zoom in any area of ​​our Android screen. We started!

Activating the gestures of magnification or "zoom" in Android

In Android the zoom function is known as “zoom gestures”, And it is a utility that by default it is deactivated on all devices. In order to activate these enlargement gestures, the first thing we have to do is access the general configuration settings system (the classic notched wheel icon). Once inside, we will go to the settings of “Accessibility"And click on the option"Gesture of enlargement”.

Once activated, we can do the aforementioned zoom in any area of ​​the desktop, within an app or any gamesimply by following these guidelines:

  • 3 quick touches on the area to zoom.
  • To move on the enlarged screen we must drag both fingers.
  • Joining and separating the 2 fingers we can increase or decrease the zoom.

Besides this, Android also offers the possibility of doing a temporary zoom, making 3 quick touches but keeping the finger pressing on the third touch. In this way, the zoom will be activated in the indicated area, as long as we do not release the finger from the screen.

As a last detail, clarify that the system does not allow zooming on the keyboard or the navigation bar. Keep it in mind!

Shouldn't zoom be on by default?

The truth is that the zoom function is a very juicy utility and I do not understand how they have not decided to leave it activated as standard throughout all these years. I understand that in some cases it could generate usability problems, but the chances of activating it by mistake are almost minimal. If it is true that within some games this can be a problem, but surely that could also be solved without major complications. In any case, it is a subject that has been studied and that Android developers have taken into account, so we are going to trust their know-how.

So now you know, if you want to activate the zoom and see with a higher level of detail everything that passes through your screen, you only have to activate this small tab in the accessibility options of your terminal. Surely more than one appreciates it.

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