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The wallpapers or wallpapers are the defining characteristic element from our mobile phone. Millions of people can have a Samsung Galaxy S7, but how many have the Galaxy S7 with a retro-styled astronaut, with a vase of flowers on his head, as the wallpaper? That's what I mean!

In addition to other customization elements such as alternative keyboards, custom icons or widgets, The wallpapers offer a unique style that provides that special and differentiated touch for our phone or tablet. Today, we review some of the most popular wallpapers or wallpapers apps cool and worked that we can find in Android.

The best apps to download and manage wallpapers on Android

Unfortunately Android is full of clone applications or little worked, and that is something that is especially noticeable in the field of apps for wallpapers. And the saddest thing of all is that many of them even have millions of downloads in the Play Store ...

For this reason, in the following list I am not going to include the most downloaded wallpapers apps or those with the largest stock of images, but those that I consider to offer original backgrounds with above average quality.


Walli is without a doubt my favorite wallpaper app when renewing the home or lock screen of my Android. It offers images created by a community of artists, well classified and easy to download and manage.

It does not have a particularly large catalog, but it is compensated by the high quality of each of the images that it offers, in addition, completely free of charge.

Download QR-Code Walli - HD Wallpapers & Screensavers Developer: Shanga Price: Free

Google wallpapers

Google wallpapers offer a great catalog when it comes to nature and landscape photography. It also offers images taken from Google Earth, as well as the ability to change the wallpaper automatically on a daily basis.

Download QR-Code Wallpapers Developer: Google LLC Price: Free

Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei is a live wallpapers app that offers wallpapers that are updated throughout the day, usually with different works of art. We can select from the images already available or create cycles of images of our own harvest. Especially suitable for those who like to constantly change the background image of their terminal.

Download QR-Code Muzei Live Wallpaper Developer: Roman Nurik and Ian Lake Price: Free

Vaporwave Wallpapers

An interesting and generous collection of HD vaporwave style wallpapers. Vaporwave is a musical genre that emerged in 2010 from mixing indie dance with funk and New Age music from the 80s. At a visual level we could say that games like Hotline Miami They are a great example of what we can find in this collection of wallpapers: retro-modern images with bright colors and an eighties scent.

Download QR-Code Vaporwave Wallpapers 🌴 (Vaporwave Backgrounds) Developer: M.A.A For Apps 🌊 Price: Free


The free version of Wallzy presents a large collection of premium images that we won't find anywhere else, with a good number of categories: minimal, amoled, superheroes, Google, typography, patterns, material design, and people. Too offers the possibility of retouching images by adding text and filters.

Download QR-Code Wallzy Free - Personal UHD Wallpapers Developer: phpmalik Price: Free


Wallrox is a wallpapers app with cloud service. It offers 2K images with QHD and UHD quality. More than 700 quality wallpapers that we can cut, adjust and manage easily and quickly. The application is free, and the truth is that it goes smoothly.

Download QR-Code Wallrox Wallpapers 🔥 Developer: Double A Studio Price: Free

Of course, this is just a subjective and totally personal list, so if you know of any other wallpaper app that is worth it, don't hesitate to share it in the comments area.

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