The 10 most downloaded apps for Android on Google Play

¿What are the most downloaded mobile applications? Surely we will all have more or less the same apps in mind. And we will not be wrong. Yes, Mark Zuckerberg and his social media conglomerate take the cake. Android is a plural ecosystem, but kings rule with an iron fist.

At top ten Today we are going to fix our eyes on the top of the mountain, at the top. These are the 10 most downloaded applications for Android, as of August 2018.

Note: To fix this data we have relied on information obtained from, a reliable data source where there is any available to calculate app downloads and ratings on Google Play.

The 10 most popular Android apps on the Google Play Store

To make this ranking a little more fair and truthful, We have removed from the list all those apps that Android usually brings installed as standard. Therefore, some default applications, such as Google Play Services (6,208,167,262 estimated installations), YouTube (5,000 million downloads), Google Maps or Gmail, among others, are left out and go to sleep the sleep of the righteous. At least for a little while.

1- Facebook

Facebook remains the undisputed champion in downloads within the official Android application store. As much as we hear day in and day out all that problematic news around Mark Zuckerberg or the decline in the shares of the big F, the truth is that Facebook continues to have an indiscriminate legion of followers. Specific, some estimated downloads of 4,599,418,614. Wow!

Another thing is the performance that the Facebook app itself can offer, a heavy application where they exist. A true consumer of resources and battery that, apparently, we can not get rid of even with a stick.

Download QR-Code Facebook Developer: Facebook Price: Free

2- Facebook Messenger

The second in contention, how could it be otherwise, is also from Facebook. In this case we are talking about the messaging application Facebook Messenger, which continues to gain followers. In the last 2 years of life it has achieved almost 2 billion new installations, reaching an estimated 3,703,955,288 downloads to date.

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3- WhatsApp Messenger

The other goose that lays the golden eggs of the creator of Facebook is WhatsApp. Waiting for Zuckerberg's company to find a way to monetize the most popular instant messaging app on the planet - with Messenger's permission - WhatsApp takes the bronze medal with 3,249,827,035 estimated downloads.

There is no doubt that WhatsApp has penetrated all strata of society, and even your grandmother in town knows how to send a wasup, a wasaf, or as it is said.

Download QR-Code WhatsApp Messenger Developer: WhatsApp Inc. Price: Free

4- Instagram

Wow, what a chorprecha! Another Mark Zuckerberg-owned app on the list! When Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 it "only" had 50 million installs. 6 years later it has multiplied its figures stratospherically up to 2,043 million downloads.

Today Instagram is an institution of image, filter photos and empty poserism. The favorite showcase of the famous to expose to the world their perfect and wrinkle-free life, and an inexhaustible factory of Instagramers. Of course, it has more acceptance and many more positive evaluations than other company apps.

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5- Subway Surfers

The first surprise on the list is called Subway Surfers, and is the most downloaded Android mobile game on the planet right now. Did you think it would be the Candy Crush? Well no! This free game is a lucky infinite runner in which we move from train to train jumping with our skateboard and escaping from the police.

Subway Surfers posts 1,056,432,543 estimated downloads, one of the few apps billionaires that are still browsing Google Play.

Download QR-Code Subway Surfers Developer: SYBO Games Price: Free

6- Skype

We are seeing that messaging and communication applications are the ones that populate the top of Android apps, and, therefore, Skype could not miss the appointment. Skype's free chat tool was the first to stomp on video calls, and since then it continues to enjoy a certain prestige and a lot of presence, especially in work environments.

Skype has 1,045,286,876 estimated downloads as of 2018, in constant growth since the boom that it suffered back in 2014.

Download QR-Code Skype: video calls and IM free Developer: Skype Price: Free

7- Snapchat

Although many think that Snapchat is in the doldrums, the truth is that it still has more than 150 million daily users. Of course, Instagram is copying its coolest functions and it seems that many people are leaving it a bit aside. Even and everything, it manages to sneak into the top 10 of the most downloaded applications on Android with 869,135,517 downloads on Google Play.

Download QR-Code Snapchat Developer: Snap Inc Price: Free

8- SHAREit

Not everything was going to be messaging apps, RRSS and games. The first productive app to appear on the list of the most downloaded is SHAREit. A tool that allows us to share large files quickly between devices.

According to the creator of the app, SHAREit is 200 times faster than bluetooth. The application has 831,884,174 downloads.

Download QR-Code SHAREit - Transfer & Share Developer: Smart Media4U Technology Pte. Ltd. Price: Free

9- Candy Crush Saga

Probably the most popular mobile game in the world turns out to be the second most downloaded game. Candy Crush joins the list with 821,218,667 downloads.

For many, this game has become the Tetris of the 21st century, with a candy alignment dynamic that hooks even the most painted.

Download QR-Code Candy Crush Saga Developer: King Price: Free

10- Twitter

After Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is the third most used social network on mobile devices. Your downloads amount to 803,334,470. If you are looking for a place to argue with people, read the most controversial opinions of your favorite celebrities, or drop a couple of crazy ideas that occurred to you the other day in the shower, head over to Twitter.

Download QR-Code Twitter Developer: Twitter, Inc. Price: Free

Special mentions

We finish by commenting on other really popular apps that top the list of the most downloaded apps on Android.

Clean Master

First black point on the list. What about Clean Master? It seems that this cleaning tool has built a very good reputation. Despite not being very useful for practical purposes, people still trust it. The bad thing is that its developer -Cheetah Mobile- is known for including bloatware and all kinds of annoyances in its apps.

Clean Master has an estimated 770,438,192 installations. As I mentioned in this POST, these types of apps cause more problems than anything else. To avoid whenever possible.

In the following positions in the table we find other much more decent and useful applications, such as Facebook Lite (771 million), Dropbox (752 million), Line (739 million) and Viber (672 million).

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