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Admittedly, the idea of InkHunter, a fabulous app for Android and iOS, is certainly tempting. How come no one had thought about it before? Taking advantage of the possibilities of virtual reality in a very simple way, the app InkHunter allows us to try different tattoos anywhere on the body to see how they would look if we actually tattooed them. Interesting right?

InkHunter, virtual tattoos and painless!

InkHunter It is developed by a small group of 3 people, residents of New York but of Ukrainian origin. They call themselves geeks as well as ambitious. How far can a geek go with the desire to blow it up and an ingenious idea? Ask Erlich Bachman and the Pied Piper !

How does InkHunter work?

The operation of the application is really simple: choose a tattoo, point to the area where you want the tattoo to appear and that's it. The app itself will be in charge of showing you how the tattoo would look printed on your body in real time. From there we can save a photo or share it on the network.

For the app to know how to identify the place where we want the tattoo, we will have to take a pen or marker and mark the area with 3 small straight lines.

InkHunter has a large repertoire of its own illustrations and drawings, with different styles and themes. Another of its points in favor is that we can upload our own designs and test them, something that can be very useful if we are thinking of getting a real tattoo.

After testing the application several times, the truth is that it still has some lag and has to improve fluency, but the feelings it transmits are really positive.

InkHunter already has more than 100,000 downloads on Google Play and a very high rating from users. If you also want to try it, here is the application download link:

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