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Censorship is not something that is limited only to the news that we see or do not see on the Internet. It also makes it possible to condition or prevent people from communicating when movements such as those seen in the Hong Kong protests in recent months are unleashed. Messaging applications are usually the first to suffer service outages, although things can go further, and they can even block Internet access in certain areas or conflict zones.

Let's not talk now if we are lost in the mountains without coverage, there is network saturation, WhatsApp servers go down or we have run out of mobile data in a very crowded area of ​​the city, separated from our family or friends. Is there a way to send messages by mobile without depending on an internet connection?

How to send and receive messages, even if we do not have Internet on the mobile

In these very special cases in which we must leave behind the more traditional communication methods, we can apply solutions such as the one proposed by Bridgefy. This free application, available for both Android and iOS, uses a function that we all have on our mobile: the Bluetooth. A much more difficult feature to censor, and that works even in places where there is not even coverage.

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With Bridgefy we can send messages via Bluetooth and communicate with other people in a range of 100 meters. A limitation that we can extend up to 200 meters if there is another user located between the 2 extremes (Intermediary Origin Destination). Or up to 300 meters if there are 2 users who can extend the chain. If used massively, it can undoubtedly be a most powerful tool, creating an isolated communication network totally independent from the Internet.

With that said, let's see how it works ...

  • The first thing is to install the application from its official repository on Google Play or iTunes (Android / ios).
  • Before starting to use the app, we will have to indicate our phone number and an alias. Next, we will receive a verification code that we must enter to verify our number, and we will be ready to start sending messages.

  • During the setup process, we will also be asked to give Bridgefy access to our location. We must give this permission, otherwise the application will not work. Likewise, Bridgefy will also request access to our contact list, although we can choose to give this information or not (in that sense there is no problem).

  • The application has 3 tabs: one where we see all our contacts, another where we see private conversations and another tab where we can send messages to a public chat.

Public chat is the easiest way to communicateSince sending a message will reach all the people who are connected to Bridgefy at that moment. We have tested the application for a while and the truth is that it works quite well. Once we have established contact with a person in the chat (both texts and images can be sent), their user appears automatically in the contact list, and we can also send them private messages through the second tab of the main menu.

Be careful, there are also certain limitations

In any case, we must also mention that due to the very nature of Bluetooth technology, the service begins to weaken from distances greater than 300 meters or so. Which means that we are dealing with a utility that comes in handy for certain situations, but it is certainly not the best way to send messages to contacts who are in other cities or at a very long distance.

In any case, a very interesting tool to communicate with other people when we cannot use traditional methods.

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