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It has been a long time since I stopped following the US news of the great comic publishers such as Marvel or DC. Now I find out more or less as the comics are published to the rhythm of Panini in Spain, and except for the odd spoiler, I am quite lost from the day to day of the important headers such as Avengers, X-Men or Batman.

The good thing about not going through places like Bleeding cool or CBR is that later you buy a comic in your favorite store and you get a scandal surprise.

I still remember that miniseries written by Charles Soule and brilliantly drawn by Steve McNiven, shelving Wolverine and relegating him to the eternal dream of a death low liters of molten Adamantium. Quite bland and sad for what a character like Wolverine means, but necessary given the character's exhaustion and overexposure in recent decades.

Well now it turns out that Marvel has decided to bring it back. You find yourself quietly reading the Marvel Legacy: Alpha January and there you have it. The original, the seasoned guy with a few years behind him, but not as many as Old Man Logan brought in from the future to make up for the absence of the genuine Wolverine.

Marvel Legacy: Alpha not only brings us back to Wolverine, it hints at a possible return of the Fantastic 4, and I have found out there that they will also bring back to Jean gray for the umpteenth time -this woman walks between life and death like someone who goes down for bread every morning-.

A return to the classic that promises to return, in addition to the original numbering with numbers 600 and 700 something to put collectors' long teeth, the iconic versions of the most recognizable Marvel characters.

Now it only remains to be seen when it will occur to them to bring back Cyclops, that after a death as sad and unjust as his, it would not hurt to find some way to return to the mutant game board a figure as charismatic as that of the "rebel" Scott Summers.

If Marvel Legacy wants to bring back the classic they better know what to do with it, because as they resurrect Phoenix to kill her again and put Wolverine in 8 collections at the same time to not do anything decent in any of them, the balloon is going to deflate, a lot.

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