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We knew that the day was very near. The notices encouraging us to pre-register in the Play Store announced the more than imminent arrival of Mario on Android, and after several months of waiting the day has finally arrived. Super Mario Run for Android is now available to download.

If you do not want to continue reading I understand perfectly. What's more, here you go the direct download link of Super Mario Run so you can start giving it a shot right now:

Download QR-Code Super Mario Run Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd. Price: Free

Same dynamics and game modes as in iOS

After installing and testing the game, we verify that the same 2 game modes are maintained as in the version previously released for iPhone and iPad: worlds consisting of 4 phases with castle at the end, careers in which we can compete against other users, and improvements that we will unlock as we complete certain challenges.

Both the graphics and the sound are reminiscent of the most recent versions of Mario for Wii and Wii U, and it shows that we are facing a game that emanates a very similar aroma. The phases are perfectly designed and they denote quality, how could it be otherwise, being the first great mobile game of the star character of Nintendo. Nothing has been left to chance: every block, every enemy, and every coin is placed with Swiss watchmaker precision.

Another important detail, in addition to its simplicity in the controls (we will only need one hand to play), is that it is very likely that we will have to play the same screen many times and yet we still have a hard time learning all the details and jumps by heart. An open invitation to replayability.

Super Mario Run is the first official Mario game for Android devices, based on “infinite race” gameplay. As in iOS, the first game world is free, having to make purchase to unlock the remaining 5 worlds (We have not managed to get rid of this, no).

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