How to listen to YouTube with the screen off New method!

YouTube has a plethora of music videos and live performances. It's a great platform to see and listen to all those songs on your mobile that we can't find on other sites like Spotify. The bad thing is that if we only want to listen to the music –and we go from the video- we are obliged to have the screen on at all times.

When we turn off the screen YouTube understands that we do not want to continue watching videos, therefore, it stops working in the background and the playback stops. Until now, there was only one way around this: using the app Black me.

Black Me, a more or less practical pass to listen to YouTube with the screen off

Black Me is an external app, and it can't really make the YouTube app keep playing the sound with the screen off. What you can do is save us some battery, putting a black panel that occupies the entire screen of our terminal.

It does not solve the root problem, but for practical purposes it is as if we had it turned off. Of course, for this trick to work we must retouch the Android screen settings so that it does not go into suspension due to inactivity at any time.

This method works best with AMOLED displays, but it is free, so anyone can install and test it.

Download QR-Code Black Me - Screen Off for YouTube Developer: AZ-Apps Price: Free

How to listen to YouTube with the screen off for real: Hey YouTube Premium!

YouTube has just launched a premium version of its streaming platform. And you know what? If we hire it, one of the advantages they “give us” is being able to listen to videos with the screen off. Nice, huh?

It seems that YouTube had this ace up its sleeve, and instead of offering it as a free upgrade it has decided to use it as a hook in its new payment model.

Background playback function is available for both YouTube Premium and pro version of YouTube Music. Currently its price is € 11.99 / month and € 9.99 / month respectively. Both services offer a free trial month.

If we are on YouTube all day we are going to amortize it for sure, but if not, it is not that it is an excessively cheap service for the improvements it offers.

In short, if we want to use YouTube on mobile to put music on speakers or similar, we are obliged to pay for the YouTube premium package. That, or we do the Black Me trick, which does not work badly at all and thus we save a few euros.

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