GPD WIN in review: the first 100% portable console with Windows 10

GPD is a manufacturer that in recent years has been dedicated to launching devices halfway between a tablet and a portable console on the market. GPD-XD was the predecessor of the GPD WIN, a portable console based on Android and with a very similar appearance to the Nintendo 3DS XL. With the GPD WIN the manufacturer has taken a step forward and has presented what we could qualify as the first portable console with Windows 10 on the market. Taking into account that it also has an integrated keyboard, we can consider that we are also facing a Pocket PC In all rules.

In today's review we analyze the GPD WIN, a portable console + pocket computer that provides something completely different and that opens up a world of possibilities for the gamer community.

Design and finish

The GPD WIN is equipped with 2 panels: the upper one contains the touch screen, with a size of 5.5 ’’ and a resolution of 1280 × 720. That is, a screen similar in size to today's phablets. In addition, it has a mini HDMI output, so we can also connect it to a larger screen or to the TV.

On the bottom panel, on the other hand, We will find a crosshead with 2 sticks and the 4 classic buttons to play, and just below a complete keyboard. When the GPD WIN started to be developed, there was a lot of controversy about whether to add the keyboard or not, and finally, after presenting to the fans 3 different design prototypes (one with a keyboard and another 2 without it), they ended up opting for the inclusion of this. The truth is that the addition of the keyboard is a plus considering that this console is a tablet PC with all the laws, and that thanks to Windows 10 we can work with Office, navigate and do a thousand more things.

In terms of size, the console is very similar in size to the Nintendo 3DS XL, 15.50 x 9.70 x 2.20 cm (we can use its covers to store the GPD WIN, they fit perfectly).

Power and performance

The specifications of the GPD WIN are more than interesting for a “portable console / tablet PC” for gamers. Features a 1.6GHz (up to 2.4GHz) 4-core Intel Cherry Trail Z8700 processor, Intel HD Graphic GPU, 4GB of LPDDR3 RAM and 64GB of expandable internal storage. With these wickers we can run moderate performance PC games, and to make a similarity we would move on levels like PS3, Xbox 360, Wii or NDS. Where we could really exploit this device is in the wide world of retrogaming and emulators, where we can move like a fish in water.

Regarding the power and battery system, it has a connection USB Type C and one 6000mAh battery. Depending on the use we give it, we can have an average of 6 hours of play for games with moderate graphics and 2-3 hours for more demanding games.

Games and emulators

This device is specially designed for gaming. Its power is good up to a point, so we can't expect to perform the same way we would with a current desktop PC. If we are going to play games with a lot of GPU load, it is advisable to adjust the graphic details to gain fluidity and performance. It is something that we can see as we try different games. In any case, the overall performance shown in a multitude of PC titles and emulators is clearly satisfactory. In addition, there is a whole community with various tricks and adjustments for the GPD that will come in handy if we want to test with very demanding games.

In the following video you can see how GPD WIN performs with Metal Gear Rising for PC:

In this other video, you have a sample of the fluidity with which it works with various emulators:

As we have seen in various forums and YouTube videos, the system is capable of successfully running a multitude of emulators: NOX (Android), Drastic (NDS), Taito Type X Arcades, Dolphin (Wii, GameCube), PSX2 (PS2). From here down it would also work perfectly with emulators of the SNES, NES, MegaDrive, MAME and the rest of retro consoles.

Price and availability

The GPD WIN was released last year at a price of about $ 500. 2017 has been generous with lovers of this type of device, and today we can get hold of it at a price of 311 euros, about $ 339 to change. If you also use the following discount coupon that I leave you below, you can have a GPD WIN at home for only 272 euros (289.81 $).

Coupon code: GPDES

In short, GPD has hit the right key with its GPD WIN: a portable console that is also a pocket computer, and that has a whole world of possibilities behind it, infinite levels of customization and extensive support from from the gamer community.

UPDATED: The console has been discontinued by GearBest. Luckily you can still get via amazon.

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