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Which are the best applications to take advantage of an Android tablet to the max? The truth is that being a device halfway between a laptop and a smartphone, its versatility ends up being one of its strongest points. It does not reach the processing levels of a PC, but for certain office automation tasks it is more than enough. However, having a much larger screen than that of a mobile phone is the ideal platform to consume all kinds of multimedia content and play games that look especially good on a tablet's big screen.

The best apps to exploit the potential of your Android tablet

Normally in this type of lists we usually make a top with the 10 best applications of the subject to be dealt with in question, but in this case, as the ranking was prepared, it has been impossible for me to stay with only ten. That is why this time we are going to mention 20 of the best applications for Android tablets (leaving aside the typical apps such as Netflix or Spotify), and so although the comments are a little shorter than usual, we cover more utilities, which in the end is what matters.

1- AirDroid

If I remember correctly this is an application that I have been recommending since 2016. AirDroid is the ideal app for connect the tablet to the PC and transfer files, access contacts, messages, photos, calls and even control the camera of our Android device remotely.

Download QR-Code AirDroid: Remote Access Developer: SAND STUDIO Price: Free The interface is one of the great assets of AirDroid

2- Blue Mail

The right mail application for unify all our email accounts and manage them from a single place. It is compatible with Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL, iCloud, Office365, Google Apps, Hotmail,, and others. It allows you to configure Exchange, IMAP and POP3 accounts and offers a very orderly navigation.

Download QR-Code Blue Mail - Email & Calendar Developer: Blix Inc. Price: Free

3- Autodesk SketchBook

If you are looking for an application to draw and make sketches and illustrations, it is already taking a while to install SketchBook. Excellent and very complete Autodesk utility to use your tablet screen as a drawing tool. Simply indispensable.

Download QR-Code Autodesk SketchBook Developer: Autodesk Inc. Price: Free

4- Firefox Focus

This variant of Firefox is presented as a browser aimed at eliminating any type of distraction. It eliminates disruptive elements such as ads, blocks all types of trackers, the interface is reduced to its minimum expression and it has a button to delete the history at any time.

Download QR-Code Firefox Focus: the private browser Developer: Mozilla Price: Free

5- Apex Launcher

If the interface of your tablet does not have many functionalities or you find it boring, try Apex Launcher. A tool with which we can add an infinity of custom icons, themes and configuration options for your Android. Change the size of the icons, add transition effects, hide unwanted elements or add a dock where you can even scroll. With Apex Launcher practically all the elements of your screen are customizable.

Download QR-Code Apex Launcher - Custom, Protect, Efficient Developer: Android Does Team Price: Free

6- jetAudio HD Music Player

Powerful media player for those who have a large music library. jetAudio is capable of playing any digital music format, with various effects, 10/20 bands equalizer, playback via Wi-Fi from shared folders and much more. One of the most succulent alternatives if we do not want to opt for paid players such as PowerAmp.

Download QR-Code jetAudio HD Music Player Developer: Team Jet Price: Free

7- Files from Google (formerly Files GO)

A very simple file manager for those who do not need much fanfare in managing files and folders on their device. The good thing about Files GO however, is that it is also a fantastic cleaning tool With which we can delete all junk files, application cache, apps that we do not use, duplicate files and much more. Perfect to free up space and especially recommended if our tablet does not have a lot of storage capacity.

Download Google QR-Code Files: Free up space on your phone Developer: Google LLC Price: Free

8- Adobe Photoshop Express

A "light" version of the classic desktop Photoshop that works as a fast but very versatile image editor. With this free tool we can correct perspectives, eliminate noise from photos, create atmospheres, add texts and more.

Download QR-Code Adobe Photoshop Express: photos and collages Developer: Adobe Price: Free

9- Manga Plus

The Shonen Jump app to read manga online for free has marked a before and after. Not only has it managed to eliminate at a stroke the need to go to seedy scan pages to read your favorite manga from the publisher (it's free and is also published simultaneously in Spanish / English along with the paper edition). It is also a wake-up call to the outdated digital publishing models used by other major publishers such as Marvel, DC Comics or Image.

Download QR-Code MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA Developer: 株式会社 集 英 社 Price: Free

10- Feedly

The best way to stay informed and follow the publications of your favorite websites and blogs. Feedly is an RSS feed reader that allows us to filter and read publications in a much more comfortable and organized way. One of the best apps to read news on Android.

Download QR-Code Feedly - Smarter News Reader Developer: Feedly Team Price: Free

11- Caustic 3

We are now going with a music creation tool. With Caustic 3 we can compose songs with 14 synthesizers, samplers, organs, vocoders and effects. One of the most complete of its kind. The free version, of course, does not allow you to export or save projects. For that we will have to purchase the premium version, which is priced at € 6.99. In any case, it is much cheaper than its great competitor FL Studio Mobile, which already shoots up to € 14.99.

Download QR-Code Caustic 3 Developer: Single Cell Software Price: Free

12- Microsoft Office

The best office suite for Android. Although Microsoft has been offering mobile versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more on Android for years, with the Microsoft Office suite we have all those applications in one place. If we do not like Microsoft we can also install other alternative suites such as WPS Office, another of those essential apps.

Download QR-Code Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more Developer: Microsoft Corporation Price: Free

13- VSCO

Tablets do not usually stand out precisely because of their camera. Therefore, applications like VSCO come to us that are not even painted. This is a fairly simple but powerful photo editor, which includes 10 presets for those who want to go fixed gear and several advanced editing tools.Apart from that, the application also works as a social network, where we can expose and share our photos with the community.

Download QR-Code VSCO: Photo & Video Editor Developer: VSCO Price: Free

14- Inkitt

If what we are looking for are free novels, books and stories and we also control a little English (or we are learning) without a doubt we should take a look at Inkitt. A platform that has more than 100,000 free books of all kinds of genres, with customizable colors and fonts to make reading much more enjoyable.

Download QR-Code Inkitt: Free Books, Novels & Stories in English Developer: Free Novels Inc Price: Free

15- TuneIn Radio

One of the best apps to listen to the radio on Android. Complete application where available, incorporates local and international stations, news channels, podcasts, sports and hundreds of music genres from all over the world. An excellent alternative to the typical Spotify-type streaming music service. If you have a smartTV, also try its version for Android TV. You will not be disappointed.

Download QR-Code TuneIn Radio: Sports, News, Music, Podcasts Developer: TuneIn Inc Price: Free

16- Flipboard

Another news app that we can't ignore either. If order and reading prevail in Feedly, in Flipboard the aim is to get as close as possible to the experience of reading a magazine, with a modern and elegant interface. Of course, a tip: do not install the Flipboard widget on the home screen of your tablet as it consumes a good battery of battery.

Download QR-Code Flipboard Developer: Flipboard Price: Free

17- Kodi / VLC

We have talked about Kodi on countless occasions on the blog. Excellent multimedia center for playing videos, music, watching live TV and even has retro machine emulators. If Kodi seems too complicated for you then take a look at VLC, another of the great players that Android has had for years (it swallows practically any format).

Download QR-Code Kodi Developer: XBMC Foundation Price: Free Download QR-Code VLC for Android Developer: Videolabs Price: Free

18- Moon + Reader / Amazon Kindle

Moon + is the best option to organize and read all those ebooks that we have stored on the tablet. It has a fully customizable reader, although the best thing about it is that supports practically any file format. If you like reading, don't overlook the Kindle app either, where we can access the millions of books, magazines and comics available on Amazon.

Download QR-Code Moon + Reader Developer: Moon + Price: Free Download QR-Code Kindle Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC Price: Free


Since ES File Explorer was removed from Google Play, ASTRO is the best option to manage the files and folders of our Android tablet (at least in my humble opinion). It is capable of decompressing ZIPs and RARs natively, allows access to the LAN and includes a download manager for large files. Excellent file explorer for Android, and best of all: it has a simple and very easy-to-use interface.

Download QR-Code File Manager ASTRO Developer: App Annie Basics Price: Free

20- Duolingo

Learning languages ​​from a mobile phone can be uncomfortable and quite heavy, but with a tablet things change a lot. With Duolingo we can learn English, French, German, Portuguese and Italian with an entertaining and fun teaching method that makes learning a much more enjoyable process.

Download QR-Code Duolingo - Learn English and other languages ​​for free Developer: Duolingo Price: Free

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