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Portable CD players ousted the Walkman. Mp3s and iPods have superseded portable CDs, and these in turn have been replaced by smartphones as the preferred device for listening to music or podcasts wherever our destiny wants to take us.

At the beginning of the “Smartphone Era” it was common to use headphones or the phone's own internal speakers to play our favorite music. But it's been a long time since thanks to Bluetooth technology and new generation speakers, the listening experience has undergone an important but silent revolution. In today's review we look at 2 great portable Bluetooth speakers, the Tronsmart Element T1 and T2.

Tronsmart Element T2, rugged Bluetooth speaker with TWS

The Tronsmart Element T2 speaker is a portable device that allows us to take music and good vibes wherever we go. Unfortunately, the impediment that these types of gadgets usually have is that although we can take them “wherever we want” there are always especially delicate places where we have to be very careful: the bathroom, the beach or the mountains, for example. .

IPX56 rated water resistance

One of the strengths of the Tronsmart Element T2 is that it is waterproof, thanks to your IPX56 certification, which allows us to overcome all those barriers and listen to music wherever and whenever we want without fear of a better life. In addition, we are faced with a lightweight device with reduced dimensions, thus emphasizing the portability of these. speakers.

TWS technology with true wireless stereo

Another of the star features of the Element T2 is that has TWS technology, True Wireless Stereo, which allows us to synchronize our Smartphone or tablet with 2 speakers simultaneously, forming a system with a left channel and a right channel without cables with a real stereo sound effect.

Other features

The device features Bluetooth 4.2 wireless connectivity for a faster and more stable connection, with clear and accurate bass reproduction, and a sound power of 10W. It is compatible with both Android and iOS, has a 3.5mm auxiliary input and charges via micro USB. All this without forgetting its autonomy, which allows us an approximate use of 12 hours with the battery (1700mAh) fully charged.

Price and availability

The Tronsmart Element T2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is priced at $ 35.99 on Geekbuying, about 33 euros to change. If we are interested in getting one of these latest generation speakers we can apply the following discount coupon that will help us to apply an interesting discount of $ 6. It's not bad at all!

Geekbuying | Buy Tronsmart Element T2

If you want to take a closer look at this Element T2 and see what feelings it transmits to you, here is a video about these very interesting Tronsmart brand speakers:

Tronsmart Element T1 for better treble

The other speaker from the Tronsmart house that we review today is the Element T1. This device shares the vast majority of Element T2 functionalities, although we find certain differences.

TWS and Bluetooth 4.2, do not miss

This model is not waterproof, but on the other hand, if the Element T2 had a special dedication when it comes to reproducing the bass, the T1 is more geared towards improving treble reproduction. It also has Bluetooth 4.2 and TWS connectivity, being able to sync with another speaker for a true stereo experience.

In terms of design, they are practically the same (the side hitch of the Element T1 is somewhat larger), and it is compatible with both Android and iOS. The battery life is about 10 hours, it has a 3.5mm auxiliary input and a micro USB port for charging. Its current price in Geekbuying is $ 36.99, about 34 euros to change.

Geekbuying | Buy Tronsmart Element T1

What do you think of the Element T1 and Element T2 Bluetooth speakers from Tronsmart? To talk about this and any other related topic, do not hesitate to go to the comment box.

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