Not only mobiles: the other gadgets and devices from Xiaomi

Xiaomi It is a benchmark brand in terms of smartphones. Terminals of the highest quality and very reasonable prices have made Xiaomi a whole mirror in which many companies would like to see themselves reflected. In this regard, the company of Lei Jun has been clear from the outset that to truly succeed it is not enough to just make good phones. Today Xiaomi is present in both consumer electronics and fashion, and we can even find laptops, PC devices or routers with the logo of the house.

In today's post, we are going to forget about mobile phones for a moment and do a little review of the latest Xiaomi devices and gadgets. in order to have a more global vision of all the clubs that is probably the most successful Chinese company in recent times.

Xiaomi Mi Android TV Box

The TV Box market does not stop growing, and there are many companies that offer devices to bring Android to any television that has an HDMI input. In this case, Xiaomi distinguishes itself from its competition with a TV Box with a minimalist design, which recognizes voice commands via bluetooth through the remote control. A device that supports 4K views, Dolby and DTS sound, Cortex-A53 CPU and 2GB DDR3 RAM per a price that does not exceed $ 80 , about 72 euros to change.

Xiaomi Mi R1D AC WiFi Router

The My R1D it is a hybrid router, since In addition to the functions of a wireless router, it has a 1TB hard disk which makes it a network storage unit. Perfect combination to provide WiFi to our home network and at the same time have a repository of files, images and videos that can be accessed from anywhere. The router is of type AC, that is, it emits under the 802.11ac standard, and has a power of 1167Mbps. Its price, 129.99 $ (about 117 euros). 

Xiaomi MK01 Mechanical Keyboard

The mechanical keyboards unlike standard membrane keyboards have a much longer useful life and their quality is notably superior, in addition to offering more natural pulsations for our wrist and fingers. Xiaomi also has its own mechanical keyboard, with an elegant white design, back lighting and micro USB connector. Mechanical keyboards usually have prices around 100 euros, so it is not surprising that the 74.99$ of this Xiaomi keyboard are an option to take into account in case you want to take a qualitative leap in the keyboard of your PC. To take into account that yes, it is an English keyboard, so sadly it does not have the letter "ñ”(You can change the configuration, but it is still an impediment).

In addition to keyboards, Xiaomi also has a mouse with a refined and frankly attractive design , very much in line with what we could find in brands like Apple.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Network Speaker

What we can not deny being heights is the good taste in the design that the manufacturer has, and it is something that draws attention when we fix our attention on their Wireless speakers. In terms of technical specifications, these speakers have connection by bluetooth, WiFi, auxiliary line or via app. What's more, It has 8GB of internal expandable storage to be able to download music to the device and listen to it without being connected.

We can have these Xiaomi Mi Smart Network Speaker in our house for 112.12 $, about 101 euros to change .

Xiaomi in-ear hybrid headphones

Lastly, I didn't want to end this review without talking about these helmets. We are facing high quality in-ear headphones, with graphene vibrating diaphragm (We are finally beginning to see everyday uses for this -already almost mythical- material!). They have a fairly original design and a price of $ 25.99, but thanks to the following coupon we can get it a little cheaper ($ 24.99) .

Coupon code: LHXMPR

Doing a general review, we see that the devices that Xiaomi presents outside the branch of mobile telephony maintain the same spirit as its smartphones: performance above the average of Chinese products in its environment, and specially inspired designs. Although it is true that in some cases their prices may be somewhat higher than the average for Asian origin, they are still well below their Western competitors.

In addition to those mentioned here, Xiaomi also has powerful laptops, webcams or robot vacuum cleaner, shows that they are willing to reach the last corner of the consumer's home. And what do you think? What do you think of Xiaomi devices and accessories?

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