How to share a wifi password without knowing what the password is

"Hey, you who are connected to the Wi-Fi, can you pass me the password?" says one. “Sorry man, but I can't help you. I logged in a long time ago and I don't remember what the password was. No idea "answers the other. Have you ever found yourself in this situation?

When something like this happens to us, if we can't talk to someone who really knows what the network's password is, we have all the ballots to be thrown. In fact, Android does allow you to see all the Wi-Fi passwords that we have stored on the mobile, but it requires root permissions in addition to accessing a file called “wpa_supplicant.conf” that is in a root partition of the phone. What a ruckus! All in all, a pretty serious mess for something even an elementary school kid should be able to do.

How to share a wifi password from Android to any other mobile

In the new version of Android 10 Google has decided to tackle this type of problem including a native function that allows us to share wifi passwords without needing to know what the password is as such. Just what we need. Note: this feature is also available on some Xiaomi phones with Android 9 and MIUI layer, such as the Redmi Note 7.

To do this, use a QR code that is displayed on the screen of the mobile that is connected to the Wi-Fi network that you want to share. From here, it is enough for anyone to scan the QR code with their camera and they can automatically connect to the Wi-Fi without having to write down the access code. Best of all, this trick works with any terminal, both with Android and iPhone mobiles, so it is a most practical solution. Let's see how it works.

  • Enter the Android settings menu. If you want to do it quickly, you can also display the notification bar and click on the gear icon.
  • Accede to "Network and Internet"And select"Wifi”.

  • Next to the Wi-Fi network you are connected to, you will see a gear icon. Press it.
  • Below the name of the network, along with the rest of the data, you will see an icon in the shape of a QR code that says “Share”. Click on it.

Then a QR code will be shown on the phone screen. With this, any mobile that scans the code withyour camera or app to read QR codes You can automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network.

If our camera is not capable of reading QR codes natively, we can always install an app such as “QR code reader” or Karspersky's “QR Scanner”. Both available for free on the Google Play Store.

Download QR-Code QR Code Reader and Scanner for Android Developer: Kaspersky Lab Switzerland Price: Free Download QR-Code QR and barcode reader (Spanish) Developer: TeaCapps Price: Free

Note: If our mobile is Android 10 or higher, we can also read these QR codes without installing any app, by accessing “Settings -> Networks and Internet -> WiFi”And clicking on the QR icon that appears next to the option“Add network”.

As you can see, it is a very simple method to share Wi-Fi passwords. Whether we do not remember the access code, or if it is an alphanumeric password that is too long and complicated, with this little trick we can get out of the way with hardly any mess.

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