How to improve sound quality and boost volume on Android

If we have a low-end phone it is likely that we have problems with the sound. Even being a higher quality terminal we can suffer with the audio and the speakers. In today's post we are going to give a good review of all the actions we can take so that the music, recordings and podcasts that we listen to on Android sound much better.

On the one hand, it is important that we locate the sound source and review certain settings. But we will also recommend the use of some retouching tools like equalizers and volume boosters. Let's go there!

Check out the sound settings for Android headphones and audio effects

The first thing we have to do if we want to optimize the audio quality on Android is check sound settings. Not all phones have this type of configuration, but many do! And it is great to make the most of what our headphones or speakers can offer in optimal conditions.

For example, if we have a Xiaomi mobile, we just have to connect the headphones / speakers and go to “Settings -> Sound -> Advanced -> Headphones and audio effects”.

From here we can activate the sound enhancer and select the type of headset we are using. In this way Android will increase the power when we are connected to a speaker or it will adjust to the conditions of our helmets.

If we have a Samsung phone, these settings can be found in "Settings -> Sounds and vibration -> Sound quality and effects”. Remember that it is essential to plug in the headphones for this menu to be available.

Check the exact location of the speaker

If we are not using headphones or a bluetooth speaker, we have to make sure that we know where the sound is coming from on our mobile or tablet. Although some phones have 2 speaker grills, many only emit sound from one of them. Surprised?

Sometimes manufacturers do this just for design reasons, implying that there are 2 separate speakers when there really isn't - quite ugly behavior on the other hand. Therefore, do tests and see where the sound of your mobile comes from exactly. From here, place the speaker facing you, do not plug it, and leave a clear path for it to unfold its full potential. It may sound silly, but sometimes it makes a big difference.

The terminal in the image does not fool anyone: it only has one speaker.

Install a volume booster for your speakers

These solutions are fine, but they only allow you to tweak the sound from the app in question. If what we want is that everything that sounds –be it by YouTube, Spotify etc.- has a higher volume, then we should try a sound enhancer.

These types of apps force the limits of the speakers so that they sound above the maximum established. Be careful, because not all applications work equally well with each phone. The best thing is to try and see which is the one that best suits our device.

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Important: when we are doing sound tests, be careful not to force the speaker too much since it could break it.

Use a music app with more audio controls

There are some players for Android that offer wide levels of sound adjustments. If we are listening to music with the app that comes by default on Android -or a very simple one- we still have a lot of room for improvement.

For example, we can download the AIMP or Stellio apps, excellent players with 10 and 12 band EQs respectively. You can see more in the following list with the 10 best music players for Android.

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Adjust the overall sound with an equalizer

The sound controls that come by default in Android are very basic. Some terminals do not even bring these types of settings. And those that do normally only work with the music player as standard.

If we have a limited smartphone in this regard, we can improve the controls by downloading an equalizer. These types of apps allow us tweak audio settings at a general level, and they are very helpful especially in low and mid-range terminals.

Some of the most prominent are the equalizer Dub Studio Productions and Bass booster. You can find them here below.

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Finally, if we are using a cover for the terminal, it is also recommended that we make sure that it is not blocking the audio output. Does the music sound equally clear and crisp, both with and without the sleeve? Sometimes the difference can be significant.

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