How to Change the Hard Drive of a PS4

Maybe at some point you ask yourself change the hard drive of your PS4 because you have run out of disk space, or you may be unlucky when the hard drive implodes and you have no choice but to change it. In both cases, don't worry: It's easy.

Guide to changing the hard drive of a Playstation 4

The first thing you should know is thatchanging the hard drive of your console does not void the warranty (If you don't break any internal components, of course). Anyway, keep in mind that before changing the hard drive, if it is not damaged, you will have to make a copy of the saved games. On PS4 there is no possibility of saving more data (as of 2015), so once the disc has been changed you will have to reinstall all the games.

For my part, I recommend that the new album that you are going to install be 5400 RPM and 9.5mm. Larger discs won't fit and higher-revving ones could overheat the console.

Steps to follow to change the hard drive of your PS4

  • Download the Operating System from // (the file to download is called "PS4UPDATE.PUP") and copy it to a pendrive, inside the "UPDATE" folder, and this folder "UPDATE" to your time to put it inside another folder called "PS4". It is important that the pendrive is formatted in FAT32 for the console to recognize it.
  • Remove the glossy black end cap by sliding it off with your fingers. The enclosure containing the hard drive will be exposed.
  • With a star screwdriver, remove the screw that has the drawing of the PlayStation buttons (circle, square, X and triangle). Take out the hard drive.
  • Unscrew the box to which the hard drive is screwed. There are 4 screws, 2 on each side.
  • Put in the new hard drive and screw it into its box.
  • Insert the hard drive into its cavity and screw it back in with that cool screw that you removed at the beginning.
  • Now all you have to do is install the operating system on the new hard drive. Connect the pendrive where you have it saved and start the console in safe mode, pressing the power button for 7 seconds, with a controller connected by cable to the PS4.
  • Within safe mode choose the last option: Initialize PS4 (reinstall system software)

In the following video Mark The Geek shows how to carry out the whole process.

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