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With applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger, for many the use of SMS messages is something that has remained in the past. However, sending SMS is still a more common practice than we imagine - and if you are not sure, take a look at the post about how to send free SMS-. Do you need to schedule the sending of an SMS on Android so that be delivered automatically? Then keep reading!

How to schedule an SMS message on Android: 5 methods that work

Below we have collected 5 methods that are still working in the middle of 2020 and that will help us to schedule text messages to be sent by SMS to their recipients in a comfortable and simple way when we decide.

1- Press SMS

Pulse SMS is one of the best alternative apps for send SMS messages on Android. It has a really attractive interface and a set of functionalities that make it a really powerful tool. Some of these extra features are only available in the premium version of the app, but luckily, scheduling SMS is something that can be done perfectly with the free version. Let's see how it works.

  • First of all, download the Pulse SMS app on your Android device from Google Play.
  • Then open the app. You will see a message requesting to set Pulse as the default app to send SMS messages on the phone. Set it as the default application by clicking on "Set as default”).

  • Within the Pulse app, click on the button "+”And select the contact you want to send the message to.
  • In the conversation window, click on the 3-dot icon that you will see in the upper area and select “Schedule a message”.
  • Next, choose the date and time you want the SMS to be sent from the calendar.
  • Write the message, and when you finish click on "Keep”So that the shipment is scheduled. If we click on the drop-down menu that says “Do not repeat"We will see that we can also schedule the message to be sent periodically every day, once a week, once a month or even once a year.



Pulse is a great tool for scheduling messages, but you may not want to change the SMS app that your phone comes with by default. In this case, what we recommend is to use an application to create automation called IFTTT. It is a more complex tool but the good thing about it is that it is much more versatile and offers a lot of possibilities.

IFTTT has an applet or module that allows programming the sending of SMS messages when a Google Calendar event is triggered. To configure it follow the instructions indicated by the applet HERE (You need to register and log in). It is not complicated but it requires us to dedicate a couple of minutes of our time to configure it correctly.

3- Do It Later

Do It Later is an app to automatically respond to calls, SMS, WhatsApps etc., which also allows scheduling SMS messages to be shipped later. Easy to implement and very much in line with what we have seen with the Pulse app.

  • The first thing we have to do is download the application from Google Play.
  • On the home screen, click on "+"And select"Posts”.
  • Do not forget to accept the requested access permissions so that the app can carry out the task assigned.
  • Now select the recipient of the SMS and write the text message you want to send.
  • Finally, select when you want the SMS to be sent and click the "OK" button that you will see in the upper right area of ​​the screen.
  • If everything has gone correctly, the message will appear in the list of "Pending" until it is sent on the date and time indicated.

4- Programming the sending of SMS from Samsung phones

The carriers of Samsung Galaxy and Note devices have a great advantage and that is that the SMS messages app itself that comes pre-installed on Samsung mobiles already includes the possibility of scheduling shipments.

In this case, all we have to do is open the Samsung SMS app, write the text message and click on the "+”(We can also open the drop-down menu located at the top to open the calendar). Once this is done, we select the date and time of the shipment and we give "Send”So that the message is programmed. Very easy and very practical.

5- Textra SMS

We finish today's post talking about Textra, another third-party app that is great for scheduling the sending of SMS messages on Android. Although the app is known for its tools to customize the interface and its appearance, the truth is that it also allows you to schedule shipments.

Download QR-Code Textra SMS Developer: Delicious Price: Free

It has more than 10 million downloads and a very high 4.5 star rating. If you are not convinced by any of the other applications that we have discussed, you can give Textra a try, since it is quite worth it.

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