Inkspace: Make Experimental Drawings With This Little Three-Dimensional Gem

I love apps that allow me to exploit my artistic side. Anything related to drawing, video editing, music or any form of art will always have a place in The Happy Android. If that channel or tool is also related to new ways of seeing art, my level of delivery shoots up to the max .

This is precisely what happened to me when I almost bounced over with InkSpace, an application for Android that allows you to do “doodles” in a different way. And I underline the "different" because as its own author indicates in the description of the app on Google Play, InkSpace is a 100% experimental application.

What can I do with InkSpace?

It is difficult to explain everything that this application can give of itself, since its operation is so basic that at first you may think that it is nothing more than quite elegant nonsense. With InkSpace we can scribble on a canvas. It is done.

But pay attention, because our drawing will move according to the accelerometer of the device, which means that if we move the terminal the drawing will change its perspective accordingly. I'm sure that with this little video you will understand much better ...

This brings a totally different view of the canvas: we can draw objects in front, behind and to the sides. In addition, the application has a function that allows to give movement to our strokes, increasing the creative possibilities of the tool to unsuspected levels.

Once the drawing or "artistic concept" is finished (let's call it that) the application offers us the possibility of sharing our creation either via WhatsApp, Facebook etc. or upload it to Drive, Dropbox and so on, thus allowing you to keep a copy of the monster. The generated file is saved in GIF format.

This little galaxy that you see up here is the most decent thing I can do for now with this app, but I am convinced that with a tablet and a good stylus the level of detail and the freedom of line can make quite a quantum leap.

Make your own 3D drawings

If you like to draw and want to experience something new, do not hesitate and give this application a try. Highly recommended also for the smallest of the house. For those of you who want to try it, just below I leave you the download link for InkSpace on Google Play. Take advantage!

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