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Yesterday was the day chosen by Pornhub to launch its own VPN service and make it known to the world. The well-known adult content portal thus opens the doors of VPNHub, a free and unlimited VPN service for mobiles and desktops.

Speaking from Pornhub VP Corey Price to The Verge, “Incognito browsers do not offer enough protection against “prying eyes”, especially if users are browsing on public Wi-Fi networks, so the VPN will provide an additional layer of security and privacy.

VPNHub is available for both Android devices, such as iOS, Windows and macOS since last April 24. However, the service will be banned in countries with which the US does not do business, such as Myanmar, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. In the company's words, its new VPN service could also become blocked in places like Saudi Arabia, Egypt and China.

Despite being a free service, VPNHub also has a premium version ($ 12.99 / month). This paid version will remove the ads, offering a -in theory- faster connection and the possibility to choose the connection country. The free version includes embedded ads and only allows us to connect to the closest servers based on our geographic location.

How does VPNHub's free VPN work?

To check how VPNHub works, there is nothing better than trying it out for ourselves. Once the Android app is installed from the Play Store, we launch the application.

Download QR-Code VPNhub: The best unlimited VPN, unblock sites. Developer: AppAtomic Limited Price: Free

The truth is that the interface is extremely simple: a drop-down to choose the geographic location and a central button to establish or cut the VPN connection.

If we use the free version -at least in my case- and we are located in Spain, we will only be able to connect by default to the servers in the United States. The rest are available to users of the premium version.

The connection is easily established and navigation is certainly fast. The only downside is that we can only "camouflage" our location with a server in the US as we have said before. But considering that we are testing the free option, we can hardly ask for much more.

If we have enough with this, the truth is that it is a really attractive solution for browsing the Internet safely and privately.

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