How to block a mobile phone number Goodbye spam!

While we used to receive spam via email, it has become increasingly common to receive unwanted calls directly to our mobile. At least in my case, for a couple of years I have noticed a notable spike in unwanted calls. The best for these cases is directly block the number or contact in question, and to another thing, butterfly.

In this way, what we will do is create a lock so that the phone automatically reject all calls and SMS of certain phone numbers. Here's how to proceed step by step.

How to block phone numbers, contacts and spam calls on our phone

Personally, in recent times I have come to receive practically surreal calls. From educated operators with a strange accent that invite me to participate and easily "earn money" with online trading, to a multitude of telephone companies with which I have never had contact, eager to sing me their best offers. Where did they get my number from? The worst thing is that they don't stop calling until you pick them up and send them out for fresh wind in the most polite way possible.

How to block a phone number or contact on Android

In the case of Android, depending on the version of our operating system and mobile model, the process may vary slightly. In the latest versions of Android, we can block a nuisance number as follows.

  • We open the phone application.
  • We look for the contact or number that we want to block.
  • If we do it from the list of recent callsWe just have to click on the number in question and select "Block / Mark as spam”.

  • If it is a contact that we have on the agenda, we go to the contact list and select it. Click on the upper right drop-down menu (3 vertical points) and click on "Block number”.

Later, we can also consult and manage our list of blocked numbers (add or remove contacts from the list) from the phone application. We just have to open the settings menu (upper right margin) and select "Blocked numbers”.

How to activate the spam call filter

During this process, Android will give us the option to mark the number as spam and of enable spam call filtering. If we do, the system will try to identify possible unwanted calls by showing certain information, such as the name of a number that we do not have in the phonebook or a warning if it suspects that an incoming call is spam.

This native call filtering can also be activated by opening the phone app and clicking on "Settings -> Caller ID and spam ” located in the upper right drop-down menu.

Once we have blocked a phone number, whenever you make an incoming call to our number, the system will hang up the call automatically.

Note: The caller ID and spam service used by Google on Android shows the name of companies and services that have a Google My Business listing. It also looks for matches in directories that contain call information for work or school accounts.

How to block calls on an iPhone

If we have an iPhone, iOS also offers us a couple of ways to block contacts that we don't want to bother us anymore.

  • We add the number to our agenda.
  • We open the contact list and look for the number that interests us.
  • We select "Block this contact”.
  • We accept the confirmation message.

Another way to manage blocked contacts is from the settings menu.

  • We are going to "Settings -> Phone”.
  • We came in "Blocking and caller ID”.
  • Click on "Block contact…" and we select the number that we want to restrict.
  • If at any time we want to remove the filter of a contact, we only have to edit this list and remove the contact that interests us from it.

How to block anonymous or hidden number calls

Another interesting issue is that of hidden numbers. Some companies use this trick so that we cannot identify them or call them back. It should be clarified that not all mobiles have an express function to block hidden numbers.

In the case of some Samsung Galaxy, this is possible by opening the phone app and displaying the upper right menu "Configuration / Settings -> Block numbers -> Block anonymous calls”.

For the rest of the terminals, it will be enough to install TrueCaller, a caller identification and management app. Once installed we will "Settings -> Block -> Block hidden numbers”.

TrueCaller, the best option to control spam in calls and SMS

In general, if we want to have more control over the calls we receive, it is best to install a third-party app such as the aforementioned TrueCaller (Android / iOS). Not only does it help us to block hidden numbers, but it is a difficult tool to overcome in order to identify all kinds of calls.

Download QR-Code Truecaller: ID and call log, spam Developer: True Software Scandinavia AB Price: Free Download QR-Code Truecaller Developer: True Software Scandinavia AB Price: Free +

Its success resides essentially in the community of users of the application, which is adding numbers and identifying all kinds of spam numbers and companies in its large database.

When we receive an incoming call from an unknown number, if someone has previously “tagged” that number, their name will appear next to the phone number. In addition, if it is a possible spam, the call screen will appear in a striking red color. Practical and simple, it also works with SMS messages. One of the best for detecting undesirables, blocking them without having to pick up the call.

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