9 exclusive apps for Android that you will never find on iOS

Many of the people who opt for Android it does it for simple convenience. Not only because they are cheaper devices than those of Manzana, but also for all the possibilities it offers. The Android ecosystem has reached such a point that there are not a few "lifelong" iPhone and iPad users who decide to jump into the competition.

The reason? They can be several. From the aforementioned economic aspect, to an inherent prestige of the Cupertino brand that does not compensate all that it should. Or the simple fact of realizing that Android "is not the bogeyman."

Exclusive (and quality) applications for Android that we will hardly see on iOS

I have a couple of friends who in recent months have decided to switch to Android when it comes to renewing the terminal, and they both agree on the same thing: "Wow, it's not as bad as I thought." It will not be true!

The 2 have been quite surprised by the variety and quality of the apps that exist for Android. Although most mobile apps have versions for both operating systems, Google's still have some Exclusive premium quality apps that you can wear with pride.


Cerberus is one of the most complete anti-theft applications out there. It offers remote control to lock the device, locate and track, take photographs of the thief in case of theft, record audio from the microphone, control via SMS and much more.

Download QR-Code Cerberus Phone Security (Anti-theft) Developer: LSDroid Price: Free


Datally is an app developed by Google that basically serves to save mobile data consumption. Create a kind of VPN that controls the use of data made by the apps that we have installed on the phone. All this with a good handful of additional functions (WiFi network search engine, metrics, recommendations) aimed at optimizing Internet connection consumption.

Download QR-Code Datally: data saving app by Google Developer: Google LLC Price: Free

Xposed Framework

Xposed Framework is a tool that allows us to install new features on our Android phone or tablet. It is not an application as such, but a bridge to install new modules that contain those new features.

Among the most popular modules or functions we find "One Tap Video Download", "Gravity Box", "Zoom for Instagram", or "AC Display". Requires root permissions. If you want to install the Xposed Framework, take a look at this interesting AndroidPit article.


Greenify is another of those apps that, taking into account the time they have been active, we will hardly see on iOS at this point. With Greenify we can send all those apps that we are not using to hibernate through centralized management. An excellent tool to save battery on Android.

Download QR-Code Greenify Developer: Oasis Feng Price: Free

Nova Launcher (and any other launcher in general)

Launchers or launchers are unheard of on iOS. These types of apps are one of the greatest exponents of customization on Android. Nova Launcher is one of the most popular, but there are dozens of them, each with its own virtues and peculiarities. With a good launcher we can make the interface of our phone change and adapt 100% to our needs. Customization in its purest form.

Download QR-Code Nova Launcher Developer: TeslaCoil Software Price: Free

Viral (and any other icon pack in general)

Icon packs come from the hand of launchers. If we are going to change the desktop, notifications and mobile navigation, we will also want to change those boring icons that come standard on Android. To be able to install this type of apps we have to have a launcher previously installed. From there, the Google Play Store has countless icon packs, paid and free, like this one Viral - Free Icon Pack.

Download QR-Code Viral - Free Icon Pack Developer: DrumDestroyer Themes Price: Free

Tasker and Macrodroid

Macrodroid and Tasker are 2 applications for Android that allow you to create automated tasks, macros and scheduled actions. A really useful type of application for more advanced users that is impossible to see today in clean versions of iOS (without jailbreak).

Download QR-Code MacroDroid - Developer Automation: ArloSoft Price: Free Download QR-Code Tasker Developer: joaomgcd Price: € 3.59


Substratum is an engine that allows us create themes for Android on rooted devices. We can change from notifications to sounds or customize the keyboard. If we are used to using launchers, trying new icons and more, this is a powerful tool that gives us a new thread from which to pull and let our imagination run wild.

Download QR-Code substratum theme engine Developer: Projekt Development Team Price: Free


If we like classic video games and we have just arrived on Android, we will surely be interested to know that the Google Play Store houses official versions of emulators such as SNES9X, Nostalgia NES and the like. Interesting (especially if we have an Android TV Box).

Download QR-Code Nostalgia.NES (NES Emulator) Developer: Nostalgia Emulators Price: Free

And what do you say, what are your favorite exclusive apps in the Android catalog?

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