There is a problem with the security certificate of this website

Surely at some point you have come across this message while browsing the Internet: «There is a problem with the security certificate of this website" on Android, Windows or any other operating system. Instead of loading the page we want to access, we get this warning message in which the browser informs us that something is not working properly on the page you want to access. What is happening?

Identifying the error with the security certificate in Android and Windows

In these cases, although the message may vary a bit from one device to another, both on Android and Windows (or Linux / MacOS / iOS), the alternatives are always the same 2. Either we leave the page or we move on, but beware! the same message tells us that it is not a highly recommended action.

The well-known error in which we are told that there is a problem with the security certificate of this website This is a fairly common mistake and it usually looks very similar to this:

If you have an Android device, you have also been able to find yourself in a similar situation when trying to load a web page: a pop-up window tells you that there are some problems with the security certificate of this site. What the hell is a security certificate and why doesn't the page load correctly? Do youHow we remove these security warnings from our browser from Android?

Android security certificate error

The most common solution in most cases: check the system date and time

When we receive this security warning with the certificate on all pages to which we try to access, the most common cause of the error is usually a problem with date and time of our equipment or device. If we update the date and time, we will most likely not get this security warning again.

If this doesn't fix our problem, we still have a couple more things to check.

"The server's security certificate is not valid yet"

This error is identical to the previous one, and it is also solved by checking and correcting the date and time of our device. It is a failure that usually occurs from time to time, if there is a power outage and we have the computer or phone charging, it may be the case that the date and time of the battery is misconfigured.

Solution for "There is a problem with the security certificate for this website" in Windows

The web certificates They serve to ensure authorship and evaluate the security, accessibility and certain standards of a website, and a certificate error indicates that the digital signature of the page and its content do not match.

This may mean that it is a fraudulent page (attempted “phishing”) or that the certificate is simply not correctly installed on the web page server. If you are sure that it is a trusted page, you can do the following to avoid getting the certificate error:

  • Open the Control Panel Windows (you can access it from the start button) and enter Internet Options.
  • In the new window "Internet Properties"Go to the" tabAdvanced Options”.
  • In the configuration box uncheck «Use SSL 2.0«, «Use SSL 3.0«, «Use TLS 1.0«, «Use TLS 1.1«, «Use TLS 1.2" and "Warn about certificate mismatch«.
  • Save the changes and reopen the browser.

With this, what we do is tell the system not to notify us when it detects this type of error, so the next time we enter the famous certificate error will not appear.

If we do not want to make this change in the configuration of our equipment (since we expose ourselves to possible real threats) it is recommended contact the administrators of the web that is giving us the error with the security certificate, so that they can confirm to us if they really are having a problem with the digital certificate of their website.

Of course, this solution or patch should only be applied when the problem to access occurs only with a web page. If we get this security warning on several or all of the pages we visit, it is unlikely that it is due to a certificate installation failure on the web server of all the sites we try to access.

In this case, we should make sure that it is not a date / time problem - especially if we are working on a business PC, where in many cases the computer's time is synchronized with a server. from our own corporate network-.

Solution for "There is a problem with the security certificate of this website" on Android

In the case of Android, if after checking the date and time we cannot solve the problem, we can try the following:

  • Clear browser cache data from «Settings-> Applications«. Within the application settings select «Delete data"Or"clear cache«.
  • If the above option has no effect update the Android PlayStore and also install the latest version of available for your browser.

If we get this security warning on our phone or cell phone, it is most likely the aforementioned issue of the date, but the cached data can always generate an unexpected error of this type. A good erase is usually the easiest solution.

How to remove the security warning on iOS / MacOS (Safari)

If we want to get rid of the security certificate notice in our iPhone, iPad or Mac, things change a bit. Although the usual cause is usually the same, an error in the date / time of the terminal, in case we want disable SSL certificate alerts in Safari browser, we have it a little more complicated.

Alerts for problems with SSL certificates for pages they are activated by default and cannot be disabled. If we get this error on a specific website, we are doomed to go through it until the website administrators fix the problem. Remember that this notice may be a symptom of an attempt to phishing or web spoofing, so it may not be so bad that we receive this notice when trying to access.

What if none of this works?

Certificate errors, and especially when it occurs with all the web pages that we want to enter, or on really trustworthy websites (such as Google) can also be a symptom of a possible virus or malware on our computer or device.

As long as we have made sure 100% that the date and time of our Android, iOS or PC terminal is correctly configured: in this case, let's pass a good antivirus, anti-malware and anti-adware to properly clean the system.

In short, these are the checks that we should carry out in broad strokes:

Finally, always remember that if we get the warning message from «eThere is a problem with the security certificate of this website »upon entering web pages where we carry out banking transactions or handle sensitive data, it is best to make sure that it really is a problem on our computer before going ahead and making any transactions on that page.

We can confirm it simply by accessing that same website from another terminal or device, and thus we will see if it really is a general problem on the website or if we have a real problem in one of our beloved terminals.

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