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If you are used to browsing your desktop computer through the TOR network, you will surely have also thought about the possibility of using a secure connection on your Android device.

Indeed, TOR is also available for smartphone and tablet users, and its installation and use is really simple.

To be able to navigate through the TOR network on Android you will need to have 2 APPs installed: "Orbot" and "Orweb”. You can download both applications from the PlayStore for free.


Once the 2 applications are installed you have to perform the following 2 steps:

  • Run Orbot: This application is the one that will connect you to the TOR network. That is its only purpose. To connect to TOR, press and hold the central power button for a few seconds until it appears as it appears in the image.
When the Android has his arms raised you will be connected to TOR
  • Open Orweb: This is the browser to be able to walk through the network of networks with total privacy. Once connected to Orbot, open Orweb and you can navigate under the TOR umbrella.
Orweb is a bit limited but perfect for browsing

Remember that when you want to stop browsing TOR you will need to reopen Orbot and deactivate it, in the same way that you activated it previously, by clicking on the application's power icon, until the robot lowers its arms and turns gray.

If you want to know more about the TOR network, take a look at the following article on the web: What is TOR and how does it work?

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