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This is the story of Jonathan Hickman, a comic book writer who loves science fiction, and who in recent years has been in charge of scripting long and intricate stages in series such as Fantastic Four and Avengers. After leaving the publishing house to pursue other endeavors, Hickman returns to Marvel Comics to revive one of the company's most battered franchises, the X-Men.

House of X # 1

"House of X" is the miniseries that kicks off the relaunch, and the truth is that it is the most confusing, since we do not know which events will remain as canon and which will be ignored for orthopedic reasons. And taking into account that the comic is full of temporary jumps, it is convenient to put on your belt and fasten it very tight, because quite nice curves come.

For now, we have a Charles Xavier, who seems to have come back to life (once again), and some X-Men who, from the start, have renewed their wardrobe. The comic begins with a cryptic scene in which we see Professor Xavier with a super strange helmet, next to an even stranger tree, where there are some chrysalis that break and from which Cyclops, Jean Gray and a few other people come out. With a subtly unsettling look, Xavier says “Me, my X-men,” and that's where the scene ends.

Next, we see the X-Men planting flowers all over the planet. Flowers that we will later know are part of Krakoa, the mutant living island. Several months pass and we learn that Krakoa has evolved creating a small ecosystem interconnected by dimensional gates (WTF?). In addition, Xavier has cultivated 3 types of medicinal plants that have vast effects on humans.

  • One of them extends a person's life by 5 years.
  • Another is a universal antibiotic.
  • The third floor cures mental and psychological problems.

In exchange for providing these incredible drugs, Xavier demands that the rest of the countries recognize Krakoa as an independent nation, ruled and populated only by mutants. To do this, Magneto meets with the different representatives as ambassador, in order to negotiate.

After this, we see Jean taking a walk with some young students through a colorful and leafy hill inside Krakoa, and Wolverine also appears smiling, playing with some children as if everything was a bit the same. In the background, Charles Xavier in a mysterious plan.

Although it is clear that there is a cat locked up here, and that these X-Men are hiding something, everything seems to be going very normal. Likewise, we learn that humans are also getting the hang of it, and have created a super-secret organization called Orchis with agents from SHIELD, Hydra, SWORD, AIM and other organizations. The strong thing is that they have a giant Sentinel head orbiting very close to the sun. Who knows what they are going to mess with up there.

As if all this fuss wasn't enough of a problem, it seems the X-Men no longer make distinctions between heroes and villains, and everyone is welcome to the mutant cause. Thus, Cyclops tries to obtain an amnesty for Sabretooth for stealing state secrets from the Fantastic 4, all with a rather important arrogance and implying that this is no longer about "good against bad" but about mutants against humans.

House of X's number one ends with a bombastic speech from Magneto, assuring humans that "They now have new gods." It must be said that the comic has an excellent drawing by Pepe Larraz (the best clone of Stuart Immonen) and superb color by Marte Gracia.

House of X # 2

Starting with issue 2, Hickman adds yet another piece to the puzzle, discovering that one of the few significant characters in the history of the X-Men who up to now was human, after all these years, was actually a mutant. Moira McTaggert is a person whose mutant power is to reincarnate herself over and over again, always reliving the same life, but keeping the memory of her previous lives.

And why had no one detected its power up to this point? Well, because his mutant gene only manifests when it is time for his death! Of course! In this way, every time Moira is reborn, she tries to change her destiny, although it always goes wrong and she never really succeeds, thus generating a multitude of alternative timelines and futures.

Everything indicates that this is "the ace up the sleeve" of Jonathan Hickman to reorder the canonical history of the X-Men. Thus, if some event does not interest us, we say that it is from one of the timelines created by Moira and to live that it is two days.

For now the story looks interesting. What hidden intentions does Professor Xavier hide? Are these the real X-Men or have they been brainwashed? How far does Krakoa plan to extend? Why is Magneto's suit white? Will it be her outfit on Sundays?

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