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In the era of unbridled consumerism, technological advances in telephony are selling on a large scale. Warehouses are filled with sophisticated new mobile devices almost daily. Every day there are more and more models we discard by becoming obsolete. Such is the case of Android mobile devices, whose updates quickly take their old exponents out of the game.

You no longer have to be part of this consumer trend. With a few ideas and a few tricks you can update and revitalize your old Android phone. Here we will tell you how to do it, prolonging the useful life of your equipment.

Give long life to your Android mobile

Either because you want to save, or you don't want to, or you can buy a new device. Or you are so attached to your old cell phone that you can't get rid of it. Then this article is for you. There are many ways to make it work almost as efficiently as when it was new. What you need to do to have it walking so fast and with the same autonomy that in the beginning, is to follow the following steps:

Revive it with an update

Give your Android mobile a second chance by starting with a new update. For many this is still a fairly unknown topic. If you do not have the option of automatic software update, then you will have to do the search manually by yourself.

Start by making a backupfrom your phone so that later you can recover everything that is important to you. It may not be necessary to resort to this copy after the Android update, but better be cautious in case something goes wrong.

Then go to the Settings section in the configuration panel of your mobile. It will notify you that it supports a new update or not. There choose the option Update SW, and decide if you do the search manually or automatically. The second option is preferable, since it is the simplest and most recommended way to proceed.

If you find that your Android doesn't automatically support new updates, then you still have one last resort. And this is "rootingthe old terminal to install yourself a new ROM and skip the restriction. We warn you that this procedure requires work and presents its risks. It is advisable to consult an expert before doing it yourself.

Restore the battery

A common problem that we often face after some time is the reduction of the useful life of our mobile battery. Updating and revitalizing your old Android mobile will depend largely on the durability of the battery.

Yeah I know your battery does not hold or charge as before, it should be replaced. Time to install a new one. With this you will regain your autonomy. It is possible that your mobile does not have a removable battery. In that case, it is necessary to resort to a couple of appropriate tools to remove it from the interior where it is installed.

Once the battery is replaced it should be calibrated, to ensure that the charge level corresponds to the actual energy of use and does not turn off your mobile prematurely. To do this check, you must initially charge the battery to the maximum, up to 100%. Make use of your mobile until it is completely downloaded, forcing full download until the equipment no longer turns on.

After a period of 4 to 5 hours put your phone to charge again, off as is. Wait until a new 100% load is completed. Now the battery should be ready to be used in your full potential. With this, you will have renewed the useful life of your mobile device. Also, if you already updated the operating system, your battery will work more efficiently.

New uses for your mobile

Your Android mobile may be too old to support any upgrade possibilities. And much less you are interested in complicating yourself with rooting it. If so, you can go thinking about other uses what can you give your team once restarted.

To your surprise the options are many. Think about giving your terminal a second life, instead of just throwing it away. Make it, from a video surveillance security camera, to your connection partner with Google Home. Here are more ideas on how to update and revitalize your old Android mobile.

Video surveillance

It is enough to position it in a fixed strategic point with the video camera activated. Just install one of the different video surveillance applications available for Android. Start recording in real time, having access to your security remotely.

Similarly you can use the same principle to watch over your baby when he sleeps alone in his room. Additionally, you can use your mobile to speak to him in the distance and soothe him with relaxation music and images.

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Accessory for your computer

Try to connect it to your computer and use your old mobile as alternate keyboard or mouse. Download any of the Android applications for this purpose, and make remote use of your device through a WiFi or bluetooth connection.

Remote control for your TV

If your remote control does not work for whatever reasons, you can alternatively configure your old Android mobile to work as a replacement remote control.

Again, it will require installing an application for this purpose. Once installed, and having connected both the mobile and your TV to the same wireless network, or through an infrared sensor. Enjoy your TV from the comfort of your sofa or your bed with the help of your old smartphone. For more details, check out the post «How to Use Your Smartphone as a Universal Remote Control»

More ideas for your old Android mobile

If the above ideas do not meet your needs, then think that there are still others versatile and alternative practices. Somehow, you will be able to revitalize and reuse your smart gear before giving it up forever.

You can reserve it to use it exclusively as Gpsespecially to guide you when driving your vehicle. Another option is to have it within reach in your living room or bedroom as Media player. It will liven up your spaces with music and video.

Old picture frames are out of date with their only still photo. Instead, you can use your old mobile as Photo frame, and thus be able to relive memories often from the living room table.

If you still want more ideas, you can make your old mobile a retro console, a smart alarm clock, a monitoring device for your physical activity, or a tool to tune your musical instruments.

Decide which new use is best for you, and extend the life of your smartphone. You no longer have to say goodbye to your old smartphone with nostalgia and regret. Follow these ideas to update and revitalize your old Android mobile, and you will see a whole new world of applications to which you will open.

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